Brief presentation of Shanghai


Shanghai located in eastern part of China, the total area of Shanghai is 6340.5 square kilometers , Shanghai is the largest city in China and is the economic center, the financial center and the center of China.


City Competitiveness

 Shanghai ranked third in the "cities in China 2013" ranking (after Hong Kong, Shenzhen). Shanghai ranked sixth in 2013 top ten global financial centers. Shanghai's total GDP is third in Asia. In the global city ranking, one of China's two Alpha + cities (the other being Hong Kong).


Shanghai is a world financial center, with one of the largest cities in the world in terms of population and area. Shanghai has been rated as the world's top city by GaWC. The deposits of Shanghai's total families ranked second in the country. By 2017, the total number of Shanghai high-tech enterprises has reached 7642, Forbes ranked "the best commercial city in mainland China list" 2017 first.


The Shanghai fair

The number of Fairs held in Shanghai is the largest in the country, surpassing Beijing, and the total annual turnover of the exhibitions represents almost 50% of the country. The Shanghai International Auto Show is one of the largest shows in Asia, and the number of multinational companies is among the top in the country.

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