• 23-Dec-2019


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Find new suppliers and products

How to  find suppliers ?  which channels can we use

(1) Searching from our customers' supply channels. If the customer's supplier is more than one, you can find other suppliers from  the customer's  mouth. for example: We are B, our customer is A ,  Through A, we know C is also supplier for A, so we can  establish a relationship with C.

(2) Ask your friends, classmates, and colleagues if they are engaged in related industries, and you can also find suppliers. I recommend the friend resources. In fact, all circles are connected each other.  If you buy materials from company A , you can directly ask company A's sales to help you  buy the materials. usually they are willing to  help you, of course, you need to ask one reliable person.

(3) Look for it from the professional magazine. Professional magazines usually have supplier's advertisements or articles. attention: It must be a professional and authoritative one.

(4) Search from  industry associations professional fairs.  industry associations or fairs are a stage for gathering suppliers. Joining the association or participating in association activities will give you the opportunity to meet many suppliers.

(5) Search online. internet resources are very richful, and suppliers can be found directly from industry forums, websites, or from search engines.

(6) If the product is special and the customer's demand is huge, it can be customized from your capable customers.

(7)  From Alibaba you find suppliers,but it needs lots of time,and also there is some risk because you don't know them.

which channels can we use to find suppliers

By : Chinese interpreters