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we will assist you in product purchase in dongguan, control & quality; commercial interpretation, commercial negotiation, organization of the shipment and inspection before delivery. we also have a lot of experience with laboratory text, certification, import safety requirements. our goal is to be the eyes & ears of our customers to establish their own supplier chain and reduce the risk of importing from dongguan.

before order

- donguan factory visit, business conference and commercial relationship

- Make sure order proceed smoothly, a collaboration with donguan supplier without affecting cultural differences

- advice based on experience

after order

- find products in dongguan with respect to the contract agreement

- ensure delivery of the order in line with quality and time.

- Customer 100% Satisfaction (or bank transfer refund)


- We take care of shipping from dongguan to all over the world with the best cost control.

- Optimize your shipping schedule and ship route

- No delay or bad load management

Local transport

- Airport transfer: from dongguan to shenzhen and Guangzhou airport, Hongkong

- Factory visit: dongguan local Car with driver

Chinese interpreters in dongguan, divided by town

1. Chinese interpreter in Changan town, Dongguan 

we provide interpreter for the following industries in Changan town: electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, toys, shoemaking, clothing, etc,

2. humen town, dongguan

Main industries in humen: humen has more than 30 industries including clothing, electronics, logistics, exhibition, hardware, plastics, toys, color printing, wires and cables.

3. changping town, Dongguan,Main industries in Changping town: hardware, wool weaving, electronics, plastic products, etc

4. houjie town, Dongguan,Main industries in houjie town: electromechanical, footwear, furniture and other industries.

5. Chinese interpreter service for Zhangmutou town, Mai industries in Zhangmutou town:plasctic, zhangmutou is an important plastic trade town in China.

6. qingxi town, Dongguan,Main industries in Qingxi town: computer manufacturing, Qingxi town is an Computer manufacturing town in China.

7. tangxia town, 

Main industries in tangxia town: Tangxia town has formed a modern industrial system such as: electronic information, power equipment and household appliances. It is an international manufacturing base for electronic, computer, electrical appliances and peripheral equipment.

8. shijie town, 

we provide interpreter for the following industries in shijie town: shijie is an important town of digital industry, including: electrical appliances, hardware products, glass products, lighting products, modern furniture, clothing, cultural supplies, leather products, etc,

9. Shipai town, Dongguan,

Main industries in Shipai town: Artificial flowers, lighting, hardware, plastic, etc

10. Chinese interpreter and translator in qishi town,Main industries in qishi town: Photoelectric technology, electronic information, auto parts, biomedicine, medical devices and other high-tech industries

11. Liaobu town, Dongguan

Main industries in Liaobu town: electronic, computer and electrical industry cluster, Liaobu is one of the three production base towns of computer information products in Dongguan City.

12. Dongkeng town,dongguan

we provide interpreter for the following industries in Dongkeng town: electronics, clothing, plastics and other industries.

13. Chinese interpreter and translator in Hengli town, Dongguan.main industries in Hengli town: electronics, mould, toys

14.Dalang town, dongguan

we provide interpreter for the following industries in Dalang town: wool textile industry, electronic information industry and equipment manufacturing industry.

15. Shilong town, Dongguan.main industries in Shilong town: electronics and plastics.

16. Local interpreter service in Chashan town, main industries Chashan town: toys, food, hardware,

17. Dalingshan town , Dongguan

we provide interpreter for the following industries in Dalingshan town: The three industries in dalingshan: furniture, printing and electronics

18. shatian town,dongguan

main industries in shatian town: hardware, plastics, leather, shoemaking and chemical industry

19. Huangjiang town,dongguan

we provide interpreter for the following industries in Huangjiang town.Main industries in Huangjiang electronics, plastics, hardware, footwear, furniture, toys, etc

20. Chinese interpreter service in Gaobu town, Dongguan

main industries in Gaobu town: electronics, plastics, toys, hardware, shoemaking, bags, etc

21.Qiaotou town, dongguan

We provide interpreter for the following industries in Qiaotou town: electronics, plastics, machinery, printing, textile and furniture.

22.Chinese interpreter and translator in Hongmei town, 

Main industries in Hongmei town: paper products, glass, textile and clothing, leather bags, electronic appliances, hardware and medicine, etc

23.Wangniudun town,machong town, daojiao town, Dongguan. 

We provide interpreter for the following industries in these three town: textile, clothing, hardware, paper making, electronics, machinery and other industries.

24, china interpreter in nancheng, Dongguan, main industries in nancheng : shoes, trade, Electronics,hardware

25, dongcheng, Dongguan, main industries in dongcheng : trade, business.

26, guancheng, Dongguan, main industries in guan cheng: Culture and creativity,trade, business.

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Dongguan is located the central south of Guangdong Province

Overview of Dongguan

Dongguan is located the central south of Guangdong Province,northeast of the Pearl River Delta.It is 59 kilometres south of Guangzhou,99 kilometres north of Shenzhen,and 140 kilometers away from Hong Kong.Dongguan has a total area of 2,465 square kilometers , It is positioned in the middle of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen economic corridor, the total population is of 8.29 million,among which 1.87 million are local residents.


Dongguan economy

Dongguan which known as"the workshop of the world".Dongguan is one the fastest growing cities in China. Since 1979, the average GDP growth rate has been over 20% ,The comprehensive economic strength of Dongguan ranked 12th in China and it was awarded as  “The Most Economically Dynamic City in China”Dongguan has 32 towns surrounding the main city,each possessing its own distinct characteristics. Such as:

Dongguan's existing industrial clusters include

Papermaking industry: Zhongtang Town, Machong, Hongmei, wanjiang, Daojiao, Wangniudun, etc.

Furniture industry: Dalingshan Houjie furniture industry cluster. 

Food industry: Chashan, Daojiao Nancheng, Machong .

Clothing industry: Humen

Toy and sports industry: Shipai, Changping, Qingxi, Humen and Tangxia.

Electronics industry:Shilong

Hardware : Chang'an

Mould manufacturing industry:Hengli

Wool weaving: Dalang


Dongguan Tourism

Dongguan has 1700 years of history and culture, is the famous historical and cultural city in Guangdong povince,with many places of historic interest and scenic beauty.For example, one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong is KeYuan park. Dongguan is also very suitable for living, and Dongguan road traffic is very developed, We can visit everywhere by car. warmly welcome you to visit Dongguan.

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