• 23-Dec-2019


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Tailor-made private China travel

Customized Travel in China

Focus on private custom travel

Focus on personal customization for china travel, customized for small groups of family and friends. Because we are focused on this,we are professional and serve people who love pure, light luxury and slow travel

Senior route design team

The design of the solution is completed by a senior designer who has lived or stayed at the destination city  for many years and has more than 3 years of rich customization experience.

Highest cost performance

Take a quotation by each item, each point of expense is clear and transparent, the cost is composed of travel cost + customized service fee, and promises no shopping

Exclusive Butler Service

Throughout the journey, we will give you exclusive personal butlers, designers and local senior guides, luxury  vehicles, and solve all the troubles and trouble for you during the tirp. what you need to do is just enjoy 

Freedom and privacy

Strictly protect the privacy and security of your personal information, with zero worry throughout the journey, private small group travel, you and stop or go as your pleasure

Customized Travel in China

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