Chinese Interpreter in Guangzhou

We are Group of young Guangzhou natives. Some of us were born in Guangzhou and some of us went to university in Guangzhou. We have lived in Guangzhou for more than ten years. We understand every corner of Guangzhou. When you come to Guangzhou, whether it is business trip or travel, we can always make your trip happy and Effective in Guangzhou. Our services include: Guangzhou local interpreter, city guide, business assistant, have leisure in Guangzhou. No matter if you stay in Guangzhou for two or three days or half a month, we will always make your holidays happy and spend time effectively in this city.

You come to guangzhou, maybe for business, for example,  visit suppliers or factories, find new products for your company, we can accompany with you for business visit, or if you come to guangzhou for the canton fair, in anycase, please fell free to ask us information, our consulente service can be alwsy useful fot you trip. after the work tasks finished ,you can have a few days to make a smalle city tour, then we can giude you for all the city in a Cost-effective way. because we know the city very well, No matter if you want to go to shopping or just leisure and  relaxing, our interpreters and translators can always find the right place for you. You don't need to waste your time to make research  because your time in Guangzhou is very limited.

There are many beautiful and attractive scenic spots in guangzhou ; such as Chen Clan Temple, Guangxiao Temple, canton Tower, the White Cloud Mountain, etc. You can  buy inexpensive but elegant goods. Guangzhou, the wonderful and ardent city,  Welcome people from all over the word to Guangzhou.

Consumption level of Guangzhou 

Hotels in Guangzhou, usually between 50 and 100 $, Guangzhou taxi, usually 3 km 2 $,Guangzhou food, generally 10 to 30 $ per meal per person. 

Chinese Interpreter and translator in guangzhou, divided by 11 districts

1. Chinese interpreter in Yuexiu District,Guangzhou. 

Yuexiu's histroy and economic characteristics:Yuexiu District is the oldest and former city central in Guangzhou. where the municipal and government offices are located, The area is small, but the population density is highest in guangzhou. As the administrative, commercial, and cultural center of Guangzhou City,Yuexiu District also has the old central International Business Center ; Huanshi East.In short,if you come to Guangzhou for tourism, Yuexiu District is your first choice.We offer chinese interpreter in Yuexiu district.

2.China translator in Liwan District,Guangzhou.

Liwan is famous for commercial trade.In my opinion, Li wan is Guangzhou's best-preserved Old Town area, is also the place where canton cuisine is most concentrated. liwan Is Guangzhou's business center. Liwan District has gathered business since ancient times, and the business atmosphere is extremely strong,such as: Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street and Xiguan Daww, Xiguan Daww is the most classic old taste of Canton.We offer chinese interpreter in Liwan district.

3.Haizhu District,Guangzhou. 

Haizhu: although it is one the old three districts in Guangzhou, but it have modern architecture,such as: Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, landmark Xiaoman waist, etc. Compared to Yuexiu and Liwan, I always feel haizhu a little bit feels like a joint between urban and rural areas,not so classci canton.

4.China interpreter in TianHe District,Guangzhou.

The economy of Tianhe District  is the No1 in Guangzhou,Tian He is the new urban and transportation center of Guangzhou, Tianhe is also the financial, high-tech, manufacturing, research and development, and commercial center of Guangzhou. Guangzhou CBD is located in Tianhe District. "Tianhe City", "Zhengjia Plaza", "Tianhuan Plaza", and "fashionable Tianhe" form Guangzhou's most prosperous and prosperous business Center area.We offer chinese interpreter in Tianhe district.


Panyu is the new and suburbs of guangzhou city,there are Changlong Tourist Resort, University Town.Guangzhou South Railway Station located in Payun.

6.Chinese interpreter in Huangpu District,Guangzhou.

Huangpu District is the second economy power in Guangzhou. Huangpu District is located in the southeast of Guangzhou, where the old and famous Huangpu Military Academy is located. It is also the location of Huangpu Port, the largest port in South China, Huangpu is the most important industrial production base in Guangzhou. The future of Guangzhou's industry is in here, I personally think it is the most potential disctrict in guangzhou urban area.We offer chinese interpreter in Huangpu district.

7.Zengcheng District, guangzhou.

Zengcheng District a famous lychee hometown, and zengcheng is a famous denim clothing city in guangzhou and  china

8.Chinese translator in Baiyun District, guangzhou.

Baiyun District The farthest district from the guangzhou city center, it is famous for Baiyun Mountain,Five important Economic Development Zones in Baiyun District: Yunpu (Baiyun) Industrial Zone, Zhongluotan Town's Chemical Industry and Electronic Technology Industrial Zone, Shijing Industrial Zone, Guangzhou's Individual and Private Economic Pilot Zone (Jianggao Town), Guangzhou Private Technology Park(Taihe Town) etc.We offer chinese interpreter in Baiyun district.

9.Nansha District,guangzhou.

Nansha District is Guangzhou Industrial Zone,there are many large industrial plants and multinational companies in Nansha. It is the only gateway to the sea in Guangzhou,and the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

10. Huadu District, guangzhou.

Huadu is outskirt of guangzhou, it is famous for Canton Airport.We offer chinese interpreter in Canton airport, Huadu district.

11.Conghua District, guangzhou.

Conghua with the reputation of Guangzhou Back Garden.Conghua District is far away from Guangzhou city center. For us, it is really suburbs of Guangzhou.The area of Conghua is the largest disctrct in Guangzhou, with the size of 20 Tianhe Districts, but the population is the smallest in Guangzhou. therre are many Hot Spring herre.  Conghua District is famous for its rare hot springs. It has the reputation of "China's Hot Spring Capital"

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Guangzhou located in South China

Guangzhou is located in the center of Guangdong province. She is not only the capital of Guangdong, but also the central city with strong attraction and influence in South China.Guangzhou covers an area of 7434.4 km2 and has a total population of some 10,000,000. Guangzhou is green and has flowers all the year around, and is known as “the Flower City”.

Guangzhou is one of the first 24 national historic cultural cities of China. She has a history of over 2200 years. There is a folklore about Guangzhou’s another name, “Goat City” ”. 

Guangzhou was known as he has become the frontline of the reform and opening-up of China. Guangzhou is the most important foreign trade city in China. The Canton Fair, which is held twice a year, is the most important exhibition in China. It attracts businessmen from all over the world to come to Guangzhou for purchasing。

Guangzhou, one of the important ports of foreign trade and financial centers, has become the focus of foreign investment. Guangzhou Port, Guangzhou Railway Station and Baiyun International Airport are always busy. Guangzhou is the paradise of sightseeing, dining and shopping.

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