Chinese Interpreter In Shenzhen

Chinese interpreter in Shenzhen,divided by districts

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1. China translator in Futian district,shenzhen.

Futian is the political and cultural center of Shenzhen. The city central of shenzhen,  and  facilities are very beautiful, and can be regarded as a standard international city. The commercial,financial, headquarters economy, and convention and exhibition industries of the south futian district are very strong. The North futian is the political and culture center of the city, ,and the faomous Lotus Mountain Park is located in futian.


2.Interpreter in Luohu district, shenzhen.

The history and characteristics of Luohu,Luohu District was Constructed at the same time as Futian,it was the main economic zone of shenzhen, According to Shenzhen's future planning, the core urban area is Luohu and Futian, another core area is Qianhai,qianhai. our interpreters in shenzhen is mainly located in Luohu disctrct.


3. Chinese interpreter in Nanshan District shenzhen

Nanshan is a young and dynamic area.  the southern part of Nanshan has formed the commercial, cultural, sports, leisure, entertainment, and education belt , There are also many large enterprises Located in here, such as Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo,  In 2017, the GDP of Nanshan District is expected to exceed 450 billion yuan,it is the No1 in shenzhen. we have two interpreters lived in Nanshan district. 

4.China translator in Baoan district, shenzhen.

Baoan District is famous for the airport , as well as  many electronics factories Located in here, baoan is the industry base in shenzhen. we have one  interpreter in Baoan who Familiar with  with PCB industry.


5. interpreter in Longguan district, shenzhen.

Due to the construction of the Universiade in Longgang District recently , the city is well biuld and  very beautiful.

6. Translator in Yantian disctrct, shenzhen.

Yantian District: Yantian Port. is one the top ten ports in the world , also Yantian is famous for  Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Meisha, and OCT East ,these are all  Located in Yantian.


7.Guangming New District ,shenzhen

It is a new district set up recently, therer are mainly factories is Guangming, such as  Electronic factory, LED lighting factory and other industries. we have chinese translators lived in Guangming.

8. Shenzhen Dapeng New District,shenzhen

Dapeng  was  established recently , including three streets of Dapeng, Kwai Chung and Nan'ao, mainly for beach tourism, we offer chinese interpreter for Dapeng tourism in shenzhen.


Our interpreter and translator service in shenzhen

1.Accompany with our customers to find new factories, develop new samples and suppliers in shenzhen

2. provide interpretation service for customers to visit Shenzhen factories, such as Baoan, Longhua, Longgang and other regional factories, negotiate business translation with Shenzhen factories, including product development, sample, price, production process, and  delivery.

3. interpreter for shenzhen guidance, machine installation and technical exchange in Shenzhen.

4. Provide translator for customers in Shenzhen for tourism, sightseeing, leisure, etc.

5. Provide translator fo customers to attend Shenzhen exhibition, including airport pick-up, hotel arrangement, daily car arrangement, etc.

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Shenzhen is located on the border with the Hong Kong SAR

Shenzhen is located on the border with the Hong Kong SAR , 160 km south of the provincial capital of Guangzhou, and 70 km south of the industrial city of Dongguan. To the west, the resort city of Zhuhai  is a 60 km away. and shenzhen is  120 km to zhongshan. the famous lamps and lanterns city. The population of shenzhen is about  20 million,The municipality covers an area of 2,020 km


ShenZhen is the youngest city ofChina. its development didn't start until 1979 when China start its reform and openging policy, so I believe most of of the Chinese will recognize it as the youngest city.


With its vigour of youth,Shenzhen has developed at an incredible speed.In a time range of 30 years,it has changed from a small town to one of the most prosperous city in China.As a fast-growing high-tech city, shenzhen is known as China's Silicon Valley, I believe Shenzhen will be even more recognized worldwidely in the future.


Shenzhen is a modern city with many places of interest.If you come to Shenzhen,you must visit the following places.

The Window of the World is where you can see many famous “buildings” around the world such as the Eiffel Tower,Shenzhen Happy Valley is a wonderful place for children, If you want to see traditional Chinese culture,you can visit Chinese  Folk Culture  Village.


Welcome to shenzhen, You will have a wonderful time in Shenzhen.

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