Shenzhen -the important information industry base for the world


Shenzhen is located on the border with the Hong Kong, 160 km south of  Guangzhou and 70 km south of the industrial city of Dongguan.  The population of Shenzhen is around 20 million, the municipality covers an area of 2,020 km. Shenzhen City's competitiveness was the first city in mainland China.


ShenZhen is the youngest city in China.its true development did not begin until 1979, when China began its policy of reform and opening up, so I think most Chinese people will recognize it as the youngest city.


With its vigor of youth, Shenzhen has developed at an incredible speed. In just 30 years, it has gone from small farming to one of China's most prosperous cities. As a fast-growing high-tech city, shenzhen is known as Chinese Silicon Valley, I believe Shenzhen will be even more recognized in the future.

Shenzhen's main industries  5G, artificial intelligence, next-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, digital economy, biomedicine, green and low-carbon, new materials, advanced manufacturing


Shenzhen is a modern city with many places of interest. If you come to Shenzhen, you must visit the following places.The window of the world is where you can see many famous "buildings", Shenzhen Happy Valley is a wonderful place for children, If you want to see traditional Chinese culture, you can visit the Village of culture popular Chinese.


Welcome to Shenzhen, you will like this city.

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