Top 10 Attractions in Shenzhen
  • 18-Dec-2019


  • Shenzhen

Top 10 Attractions in Shenzhen

Top 10 Attractions in Shenzhen

Travel, life is a wonderful journey, try to go outside, you will find the true meaning of life.

Everyone knows that Shenzhen is a very beautiful tourist city and  fashionable city. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to  here. But then what are the more interesting places in this city? Today, we have ranked the ten most popular attractions for you. as following.

Tenth, OCT East, this place in Dameisha in the city, is a large comprehensive eco-tourism area with many tourist facilities, suitable for taking your friends and family to here.

Ninth, Xiyong, this place is located on the Dapeng Peninsula. The beach here is the longest and most beautiful beach in the entire city. This is very quiet for you to go on a date. You can increase the relationship between each other.

Eighth, Happy Valley is a large amusement park. Many young people often come here to play, and it is also a good place to play on the weekends, calling a few good friends to experience exciting projects.

Seventh, Wutong Mountain, the mountain is also very interesting. The scenery here is very charming, suitable for people to climb, and you go the the top of the mountain can see all shenzhen.

Sixth, Xiaomeisha, the scenery here is also very beautiful, and it is called Oriental Hawaii. It is also a great place for young lovers to date.

Fifth, Splendid China, it is the city's earliest theme park. There are 82 famous attractions set according to the national layout location, and it is also very suitable for chriden. After all, such theme parks are rare in shenzhen.

Fourth, Xianhu Botanical Garden, where you can collect and research plant species, and also can travel or sightseeing here. It is a very leisure park and an important research base for ornamental plant species.

Third, the mangrove forest is an original ecological beach park. You can see the beautiful blue sea. It can not only satisfy your yearning for the sea, but also make you feel the flowers and plants. Coming here will definitely make you forget your troubles. you will feel very relaxed and happy.

Second, Dongmen Old Street, where the transportation is very convenient, many people will come here to shop specifically to taste local specialties snacks or other cuisines. Eating is also a pleasure in tourism, so you must go to this place.

First, Window of the World, this is a very classic place and a place that many tourists must go. If you do n’t go, you have n’t been to Shenzhen. This is a very large theme park. It gathers the wonders of the world and places of interest, as well as folk dances, and the architectural style is very particular.

The best 10 place in shenzhen you need to see

By : Chinese interpreters