Shenzhen 2-day Tour
  • 10-Dec-2019


  • Shenzhen

Shenzhen 2-day Tour

Day 1 | Shenzhen

First day itinerary:

Take a tourist air-conditioned vehicle and visit the  Shenzhen City along Shennan Avenue, passing through representative buildings in Shenzhen, including SEG Building, Huaqiang Commercial Street, Deng Xiaoping Portrait, Guomao Building, etc., then arrive at Diwang Building and board the building for sightseeing . After lunch, we will visit Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World, which is currently the largest marine culture theme park in China with the largest number of pavilions and the most abundant undersea performances.


Diwang Tourism: Shenzhen landmark, Shenzhen's highest sightseeing spot. You can see the whole of Shenzhen and the opposite Hong Kong. If you come to Shenzhen, you must go here. stay time: 1 hour 

Xiaomeisha Sea World: There are not many people in the scenic area, many performances, and the Dolphin Theater is the best.

Day 2 | Shenzhen

Day 2 Itinerary: Depart early in the morning to the Window of world. This will be a wonderful nature and humanity journey. According to the world's regional structure, the scenic spot is divided into nine major scenic spots such as World Square, Asian District, and International Street, with 130 built-in scenic spots. Want to enjoy the window of the world, one day is a must!


Window of the World Play Guide: The scenic area is a bit old, suitable for taking the elderly to visit and see the miniature landscape of the world.  stay time: 1 day recommended

Shenzhen 2-day Tour visit the best beautiful place in shenzhen.

By : Chinese interpreters