Guangzhou Interpreter For Hire in China

As a professional Chinese interpreter, I will work side by side with you during your duration of stay here and ensure that you can communicate fluently with your business partners, taxi drivers, restaurant servers, or any others that will help make your stay easier.

China has grown exponentially over the past few years into the biggest global market and each year, thousands of businessmen fly here to meet potential business partners or a prospective client. Upon arrival, foreigners are usually floored at the warmth of the Chinese locals. But the caveat is that they have very limited English speaking skills or none at all. It goes without saying that most people who arrive here do not have the faintest idea of speaking in Chinese or Mandarin either.

Services Provided:


Business meeting assistance

Factory visit assistance

Consecutive interpreter

Simultaneous interpreter

Product sourcing

Canton Fair interpreter

Trade show translator

China exhibition interpreter

Wholesale markets assistance

Any custom need…

Guangzhou interpreter with experience about english and German language

My work experience as german interpreter 

Nanxing Furniture Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of European customers, receiving German customers to visit the factory; follow-up customer orders, responsible for the entire process from receiving orders to shipping;

Responsible for escort translation during European consultants' visits, such as on-site interpretation at workshops, conferences, etc .;

Translated German and English machine manuals and other related documents, etc., received  foreign customers at the company's exhibition booth, and was responsible for the translation of the chief engineer of the foreign resident company.

Responsible for German documents  translation of engineering and drawings.

I have worked in Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industry Co., Ltd.

as chinese interpreter 

1. Responsible for contact, communication, negotiation with overseas suppliers, follow up  overseas orders,

2. Responsible for the translation and interpretation of all English documents of the company;

3. Receiving foreign guests,interpretation for conference and meetings, and negotiation with foreign customers;

4. translate  all kinds of English letters of the company; and  translate  contracts;

5.Responsible for follow-up of export,  coordinate the work of various departments and translate  documents, etc.

Now I am in guangzhou, work as freelance so if you come to guangzhou, I hope I can help you during the trip.