About my interpreter work experience in shenzhen 

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2004-11 ~ present

I worked as a engineer translator  for 13 years in Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and have 13 years of experience in Chinese-English translation and revision  experience.

Personal skills:

1.Passed TEM8 test. fluent in english.

2.Rich interpretation experience.

3. Able to translate and review the following industries: technical manuals , energy, networking, IT, engineering, hardware equipment, software and other industries,  etc. ,

4. Familiar with translation assistance software such as TRDOS and SDLX, as well as office documents and AI, visio.

if you come to shenzhen search for electronic technology related prdoucts and need interpreter for your job, please contact with me, I can always  be helpful!

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About me:

I have worked as chinese interpreter in shenzhen for many years. full of experience in interpretation, Worked in High Wisdom Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd. since 2012.2-2019.10

1.Mainly responsible for translating and communicating with top management, including the translation of product and technical documents,also internal and external mail.

2.Responsible for daily interpretation, business escort, conference interpretation, assist the company's senior management to negotiate with foreign customers.

3.Responsible for other matters of foreign chairman related to lanuage.

Self assessment:

I can operate B2B platforms such as the Alibaba, publishing product information, handle inquiries, receiving  customers, face-to-face communication, sending samples to customers, Develop customers online, search for potential customers through search engines, Familiar with foreign trade operation process

Skills: Passed the English Test TEM8,  strong English communication skills.

I hope can meet you in shenzhen

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chinese interpreter  in shenzhen

Hello,my name is Kelly,I have worked as translator for my ex-general manager in shenzhen:interpreter for foreign affairs and business negotiation,including interpretation and information translation,letter translation and visa application Interpretation,translation for foreign business meeting of the company's foreign-related business. 

My daily work also include assists general manager in coordinating the relationship between various departments. and I have experience travel to France, Germany,the Netherlands and other countiriese for participate in fairs and market surveys.

I have studied and lived abroad for many years.After returning to shenzhen China,I have worked as interpreter and assistant or my ex-general manager for 10 years.I have rich foreign-related communication skills and can travel abroad.

shenzhen  KongTai Shoes Company

As chinese interpreter and translator ,Job description as below,

1) Manage tech meeting(tech 1-4) of Develop Department,and interpretation for the meeting;

2) Manage trial samples(adjusted after tech meeting) from pattern engineering etc,and translated related documents, which will make mass producing go smoothly;

4) Familiar with shoe-manufacturing& Management process of  Shoes Company;

5) Make tech report and translate to english.


ability of myself, 

1.Hard-working,cooperation,Work with care and innovation; 

2.Very familiar with  shoe's english terms; 

3.Good command English as daily communication; 3 years experience as interpreter and translator in shenzhen

DMy working experience 

ngguan Sanrong Daily Chemical Container CO.,Ltd


As translator and sales

Searching and Developing new customers from Hongkong Exhibition  and Domestic Exhibition in Shanghai,Beijing and Guangzhou;Contacting with recent customers, including sending sample, 

quotation, following up purchase order and producing status, booking, shipment, settle payment;translate related documents,Assistance to General Manager to deal with inner management 

affairs;Acted as interpreter.

Self assessment:

16 years experience as chinese translator in shenzhen; CET- 6 , Be able to listen, speak and write quite well, and can communicate with others in English fluently;  Familiar with producing process,ISO information, acquinted for Plastic Industry. 

Chinese interpreter and translator in shenzhen

Language, Chinese-English. experience: 4 years.

willing to move: dongguan

4  years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Location: chinese interpreter in shenzhen

My name is Linda Yan,I graduated from Changsha Technical Economic University in 2014.My major is English and Japanese. During my college period,my English has passed CET-6, and my Japanese had been the degree of band 3.


After my graduction,


Before Dec.,20016 I had been working for  Kaofeng Machinery(Kunshan) Co., Ltd. In Jiangshu and Zhejiang province.My job was Translator, Foreign Trade Section Chief,and Customer service etc..


Ever since Jan. 20017, I have been an free translator in most time and I also do spare time job for some smaller companies.


In Sep. 2019, my families and I moved to Zhongshan city,Guangdong province, and I decide to work as free interpreter.


I am full of energy, have cheerful character, and I always work hard.


Now I would be very glad to join in the work team of you