Translator in Foshan

welcome to foshan, hope to meet you here.

Foshan Shengbaohang Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

As translator, I have accurate interpretation and translation skills and a solid level of English ;my work is Translation of the company's daily English documents, translation of various work documents in Chinese and foreign languages, assisting other departments to complete the required translation between Chinese and English, translation and Communication for foreign managers during the stay in our company;

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work experience

Worked as an English translator  for the foshan ceramics factory. The main work are: translation of emails, production documents, ISO14001 related  documents, and telephone conferences with foreign customers with foshan local suppliers. I can  work as interpreter also translator for documents

Self evaluation

I have worked as English chinese intepreter in foshan for many years, I am responsible for all oral interpretation and documents translation works in my ex company . The  annual translation is about 500,000 words.

Translation  industries including:  engineering, equipment manufacturing, equipment  technology, manufacturing technology, tenders,  cooperation and technical transfer. conference  interpretation, production site  interpretation, etc.

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interpreter in foshan-my work experience

Responsible for daily translation works in foshan;organize translation materials, receive foreign customers, participate in business meetings with foreign customers, and translate  records of conference.

Responsible for  English-Chinese, Chinese-English translation of documents, including but not limited to: mails, customer drawings and standard documents, contracts, international industrial standards, telephone and on-site conference bilingual interpretation, interpretation for customer's visit, etc ;

Chinese interpreter and translator in foshan

13 years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Location: interpreter in foshan

Why me: As interpreter and sales manager I have worked in foshan for many years

Jiangmen Guanhui Clothing Co., Ltd. 

Following up from sample development to bulk proceeding:

1) Contact with foreign customers; 

2) Source fabrics & accessories and send to customer for new season development;

3) Make costing sheet and send quotation to customer;

4) Translate English version sample order and bulk order into Chinese for next department; 

6) Follow the samples and bulk production proceed; Submit the correct sample (such as: proto sample, counter sample, fitting sample, Pre-production...) to customers for their approval and then quote consumptions to our customers reconfirmation

7) Coordinate all the department in the factory. Ensure the quality and quantity in production; 

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English Chinese interpreter and translator in foshan

Language, Chinese-English,japanese. experience: 7 years.

Main Sector: interpreter in foshan

Why chooose me:

Good at english chinese interpretation,7 years experience in interpretation and  translation.


Translation (interpretation and translation) and  trade experience:  

According to the translation company$s assignment to do business in different industries. Long-term (working at the company or factory) and short-term, will complete the task on time and in accordance with quality requirements, etc.

Chinese interpreter and translator in foshan

Language, Chinese-English. experience: 7 years.

7  years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Location: chinese interpreter in foshan

Working experience  in foshan

Worked as a merchandiser for Brazilian company. Responsible for monitoring and scanning the China market for potential suppliers for all Hobby products.  Attending, Sourcing suppliers and negotiate between Brazil side and factory for products, price and quality etc, and the same time maintain a good and stable relationship with them. As an interpreter during Brazilian colleagues visit China. Arrange meetings with suppliers. Take them to factories and shows. . 

Now I am working in foshan as freelance interpreter and business assistant

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