Chinese interpreter in zhuhai

I have worked as Chinese interpreter for british general mangar in zhuhai for many years.

2015-2022 I am responsible for the translation of the  whole plant.also responsible for the interpretation of  general manager, and the translation of documents regarding  production and daily management  of the  factory, In addition, responsible for the development of the supplier evaluation, inquiry, negotiation, and tracking of the supplier's raw materials to ensure the quality,  price and delivery date of the products required by the factory.

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Chinese Interpreter in zhuhai 

I have experience both documents translation and oral interpretation,so when you come to zhuhai, please contact with me. 

Oral interpretation work experience  as :

my first work in zhuhai: interpretation of interviews with experts and ministers,assisting equipment engineers to perform on-site translation of undercutting equipment installation, assisting equipment engineers with Italian QS Group technicians to translate,accompanying experts and SQE to suppliers for on-site guidance translation,meeting translation.

Documents translation experience such as:

my second work in zhuhai: monthly and annual KPI performance appraisal reports Translation,SPC course training translation,translation of dishwasher parts list,translation of Electrolux audit report,production line Rate analysis translation, PQC daily report translation of final assembly workshop,translation of finished product factory inspection instructions,industry 4.0 technical document translation.Emails between experts and engineers, translation of contract renewal approval form,line improvement project and action form translation.

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Interpreter in zhuhai, Lily Lei

Why me:

I'm very open and active girl,in My Working, I am very serious and careful, Have a good ablitiy of communication and organization, I am good at using english as work language,and then, have ability of speaking English fluently.I have passed CET-4.


If I have a opportunity work with you as interpreter.I will try my best to do, at the same time. learn new things from you and offer my service to you.what you need is a down-to-earth sprit! I believe ,where there is a will. There is a way!

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Nancy Su   27  years old, Chinese interpreter in zhuhai,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 7 years.

Services: zhuhai city  interpreter, purchasing agent, tour guide

Willing to move: Only zhuhai

Main Sector: Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

Self introduction

Among the present working as an English chinese interpreter in zhuhai company, i have learned more.and familiar with office-working and how to communicate with clients,how to establishing business relations and so on.Factly affirmation and praise obtains which in this process, receives setback and summary experience,Let me be maturer!so i can believe that i can face up to any interpretation jobs

Good command of English skills, familiar with the flows and terms of foreign trade; Experienced in following up products; Able to be in charge of several projects simultaneously;  often talk with oversea cousomers and oversea consultants; Good command of oral English, capable of talking with foreign customers and consultants face to face. years of interpretation experience

Have a good command of Lisening,Spoken,Reading and Written English.  Passed CET-4 test.

Chinese interpreter and translator in zhuhai

willing to move: guangzhou

4  years of rich experience in interpretation sales.

Main Location: interpreter in zhuhai

Dongguan LingGan Shoes Material CO., LTD

2016-10~2019-08(3 years)


I worked here as a interpreter.

1. I prepared samples for customers when they want to develop new project.

2. Pushing they put bulk order to us. 

3. Tracking bulk production and discussing the issues with customers during product process. 

4. arranged shipments according to customer’s requirement and got payment from them.

Chinese interpreter and translator in zhuhai

willing to move:Foshan,guangzhou

10  years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Location: interpreter in zhuhai

working experience

Zhuhai Jiaming Industrial  Co., Ltd.

2010-02~2019-07(10 years)

english-chinese  interpreter 

This is a large listed company, which is famous in the industry.I have been woked in this company as interpreter and translator for about ten years,  my working includuing: We can download all kinds of information from customer's websites, including daily communication, and then arrange all kinds of work needed for production according to the data.


I have more experiences and skills as interpreter and translator ,such as education level & job-knowledg e& communication& responsible and many so on,I can use my ability more fully in a wider scope.Make unremitting,ceaseless efforts.

If you want to know more about my qualification,I could go to your office for a face to face interview.