Canton Fair

English Chinese interpreter and translator for canton fair

Language, Chinese-Englis. experience: 6 years.

willing to move: dongguan, guangzhou

6 years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Sector: interpreter for canton fair

working experience

China Baifenghang Trading Co., Ltd. 2016-01 ~ 2019-08 (3 years)



1. when receive customer's email aks for quotation , I make a suitable offer depend the situation, and I will negotiate with the customer for all details, and try to convince customer to make order.

2.Accompany customers to visit the factory, follow up the sample delivery,  and confirm with customers for other trading conditions, when the goods are ready, check the quality of goods, and talk with customers for packaging details.

3. Find suitable suppliers through the Alibaba platform, make a investigation about new suppliers to avoid potential risks.

4. when  customer need to visit our suppliers,I will organize and accompany to visit supplier's production line.

5. Follow-up of shipping  to ensure delivery meet the customer's delivery date.

6. make  related Shipping contacts and shipping documents.


Rui Gao Shoes Co., Ltd. 2013-02 ~ 2015-12 (3 years)

International sales


1. Communicate with customer's and try to understand their purchase intentions  by email and SKPE , and follow up with customers to gigure out all order details.

2. Negotiate with customers for define the price and other business conditions 

3. participate fair to Understand the market, and develop new customers, work with RD department to follow up sample making process and make samples meet customer's request, and try do make the deal with customer.

4. Handle and follow up order details with production dept, and talk with customers if there is any problem to realize prototipe.

5. Acted as coordinator for different departments to ensure the production moved smoothly.

6. organize Customer's visite factory, booking hotel and airport pick up, welcome dinner Etc.

Chinese interpreter and translator for canton fair

willing to move: shenzhen

5  years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Location: interpreter for canton fair

Working experience

Rose Knitting Group.

2017.9-2019.12  2years

Interpreter and sales manager

(1) Liaise with buyer to obtain order and product requirements. 

(2) Formulate the selling price and negotiate with buyer. 

(3) Review buyers’ requirements and evaluate internal capacity to achieve buyers’ expectations.  

(4) Confirm orders with buyers and convey information to merchandising team.  

(5) Perform order tracking with garment factories and relevant departments to ensure orders are processed in accordance with buyers’ requirements.  

(6) Review and approve garment purchase contracts prior to release to vendors.  

(7) Review sales record and order processing information.

Minxing Woolen (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

2012-3 ~ 2017-9 (5years)

Business assistant and interpreter

(1). Communicate with the makers for pricing; sampling and production shipment.  

(2). Monitoring order status with makers on daily basic and report to US office if there is any predict problems.  

(3). Monitoring QC inspection status and report to relative parties when inspection fail.  

(4). Updating the system to reflect the current POs status then send an update Order Report to US office weekly.  

Mainly responsibility is communicating with client's technician and own technician for setting all problem happened to sample or bulk, make sure delivery on time

Self-evaluation:I have 7 year's of merchandising experience, good english chinese interpretation skills and leadership experience. Have good command of merchandising, hard working with teamwork spirit, sense of responsibility, I believe I am competent for your job and hope you can give me a chance.

professional skills:Having actively participated in Business club's activities and learned negotiate skills and management.

Good in communication with people and like a lot of out door activities know how to tackle with people from all walks of life.

Fluent in English and studied advanced level of engish chinese interpretation

I have ten years working experience as export manager

1. Receive customer official purchase order from canton fair, issue sales contract / proforma invoice.Sample prepared and follow up before mass production.

2. Issue production order according to sales contract/PI, and pass to production department. Follow whole process of production schedule. Check with production department, communicate with canton fair customer for detail to ensure quality in order to meet customer抯 requirement. 

3.Send inspection request to customer according to production schedule & shipment date to fix inspection date.  Place booking according to canton fair customer shipping details around 10 days before shipment. Study the shipment schedule.

4.  Arrange transportation after passed inspection. Issue shipping documents: invoice, packing list, Form A, C/O & copy BL from forwarder. Send for canton fair customer final confirmation.Send customer original documents to clear clearance after full settled payment.

5.Before air shipment and after sea shipment we should check documents to ensure the documents showing the correct desired information. Release countersign to vendor when documents are completed and correct. Vendor will send out related documents for canton fair customs clearance as per our request. 

6.Be familiar with the whole process of import and export. Be able to manage the related shipping documents: invoices, packing list, certificate of origin, Air Waybill & Bill of Lading.

English Chinese interpreter and translator for canton fair 

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 5 years.

willing to move: shenzhen

5  years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Sector: interpreter for canton fair

working experience 

Dongguan Zhongzhong Leather Goods Co., Ltd. 2014-.12-2019.12

Sales manager for 2 years 

Shipping manager for 3 years

1.Responsible oneself all shipping related maining working.

(1)Shipment trem: domestic order & export order and import material

Export of the transport trem is FOB & CIF& EX-WORKS & DOOR TO DOOR ;  

2.Responsible general manager assign some working.

Handling some general magager of the instruction must be fastest complete it.

3.Assist sales dept handling some working.

(1)Handling sales english email case;

(2)Handling guest system processing;

(3)Handling guest payment case;

(4)Hnadling apply order incidence of the case.

(5)All shipment of the file must responsible uploading to guest system and BY international express send to 

related of the customer.  

4.Assist finance dept handing guest some trade financing and following up guest remind payment of mattering.

(1) Trade financing for domestic and export of order.

(2) Every week must be proivde shipment report and cost break down to finance on time

(3) Every month must be provide dock receipt and B/L& AWB&doc to singapore office.

(4) Assist finance to push up customer of the payment case.


1.Proficient in spoken and written English, Mandarin and Cantonese; Strong communication & presentation skills.

2.Good command of the basic procedures and skills in foreign trade Business.

3.Familiar with team management, job assignment, staff trainning & encouraging.

4.Possess overseas working experience, willing to work directly with overseas customer.

Self evaluation

Engaged in foreign trade work for more than five years, familiar with foreign trade process and shipping arrangements, can independently complete a set of documents, with a solid foundation of foreign trade. Late follow-up international top 500  exercise my spoken English ability, than before to learn more about the internal order of big customer inquiry process,  because like English, so is engaged in the foreign trade work, hope what i have  learned can be applied  to the work, to improve myself 

Haiyan Xie

Services: Canton fair  interpreter,sourcing agent,commercial assistant,tour guide

Willing to move: guangzhou, canton fair

my work experience as canton fair interpreter

1. interpreter for foreign guests' visits Canton fair and business meetings translation.

2. interpreter for exhibition, Receive foreign agents, foreign customers and develop new customers

3. Responsible for documents translation, including company profile, operation instructions, manuals, etc.

4. Translate the financial documents,contracts, English letters and daily documents of foreign companies;

5. Translation of the company's internal website and the writing of company profiles and brochures (Chinese and English);

6. Act as an interpreter for foreign visitors.


My English skills

1. Fluent in spoken English, proficient in writing foreign trade letters, good at developing new customers, and strong business communication skills;

2. Good exhibition experience, nearly 6 years of foreign trade experience, familiar with foreign trade processes, and skilled in making foreign trade documents;

3. Familiar with  B2B network operation platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and China Manufacturing Network;

4. Nearly ten years of translation experience, good at  escort, business conference interpretation, etc .;


edit date:16-feb-2020

Personal Info:  Lisa Tan  26 Female

Languages: Chinese-English

City: Guangzhou (Canton)

Education: college degree   

Graduated from: Guangzhou University

Translation experience: 6  years

Services:  Experienced and reliable interpreter in GuangZhou ShenZhen  Dongguan etc.

Good at field: Bags & Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Electrical Equipment & Components & Telecoms, Gifts & Sports & Toys,

Self evaluation:

1. I have business exhibition experience, Beijing exhibition, Guangzhou Fair, Dongguan Exhibition, etc

2. Have experience in developing suppliers, tracking factories, quoting, proofing, sending to customers for material confirmation and so on.

3. I'm responsible, honest and trustworthy, good pressure resistance ability; Be able to arrange customers' accommodation and daily schedule

Rate (USD):  100-130  day ( 8 hours)

WinHan Import and Export Toys Trading Company


Trade Merchandiser 

1.Place the orders from our client to factory,and then input the order information into our schedule,order status and shipment plan,when I receive the shipment report from our factory,I need to do the same job as above.

2.Communicate with our Hongkong workmate,client and factory for the delivery date and quantity,in order to meet the client request.

3.Issue the sales comfirmation for our client,formal purchase order for our factory through our ERP system.

4.After receiving the booking confirmation from our Hongkong shipping department,I need to issue the shipping instruction to our HongKong shipping department and then our shipping department will issue the P/L and Invoice to the shipping agnet.

5. I also need to do the local trade,but it is very similar with foreign trade,moreover,I need to calculate the delivery charge for local trade.

6.Check the inspection report for our QC,and handle the administrative work in the office.

7.following up the date and order and check the order and its relevant documents. production sheet to be made. booking space and logistics operation and sourcing new and more suppliers and negotiate with them, make price comparision.

Only if I got the chance to work for you, I will never let you down! To be an interpreter or an assistant, you’ll find out I was just the right person for the position! For a work in a foreign trade country, I got the ability to adapt on the fastest way(according to the experiences on agent, actually , it had give me the chance to know how to simple a very complicated matter! )