My work experience in zhongshan

I  have worked in zhongshan Translation Company 2007-01 ~ 2018-03 for more than ten years

I am responsible for the company's daily interpretation (mainly business negotiations) and translation (including legal documents, product manuals, software translation)

I am also responsible for translation and proofreading of various documents of  the company. including: contract, engineering design instructions, etc., also literary translation.

currently I am in zhongshan,so if you come to zhongshan, I  can offer local interpretation service for you. 

Welcome to zhongshan. 

Edit date: 23-feb-2020

Translation experience:

I have been working as an English translator in  Zhongshan Translation Co., Ltd. since 20016.I was mainly responsible for translation and proofreading. projects I participated in included: 

globallt quarterly employee address book, translation (about 7000 words /) ,Beijing medical insurance management measures, proofreading (10000 words) ,Jialing Motorcycle publicity materials, proofreading (3000 words) ,Three Gorges Museum publicity materials  proofreading (3500 words) ,other projects ( 20000 words). 

interpretation experience:

As interpreter for  chairman of the company, I translated all kinds of documents, which ensured smooth communication between all parties.also  I went to Germany with the chairman  to attend the 20th anniversary World Conference of the headquarters company, and was responsible for the interpretation.

I have worked as translator in zhongshan and experience as below:

(1)translation for E-mail,quality system file,mold combination plan,drawings,also mold full-size measurement report translation, mold test report translation.

(2) Translation of specifications and instruction manuals,RFQ ,work instructions,modification evaluation reports.

(3) translation of management manual,program file,mold acceptance report, invoice translation,questionnaire translation,failure mode and consequence analysis (FMEA) translation,internal audit inspection translation.

(4) translation for supplier quality manual,confidentiality agreement (NDA) translation, risk assessment report translation, and 3Q report translation.

(5) translation for recruitment information, product control plan, flowchart. also customer satisfaction survey translation, organization chart translation.

Also I have experience in translation following documents:

(1) Translation of factory brochures,DFM reports,mold quotes,translation feedback on quality problems and mails, translation of mold instruction manuals and forms.

(2) Translation of meeting records, business cards, introduction letter and invitation letters, injection mold standard translation. Translation of T1 size measurement report.

meanwhile,I can also offer oral interpretation service, if you come to zhongshan for business or technical visit, I can always be helpful.

edit date:11-feb-2020

interpreter in zhongshan


Self assessment:I have grasped the principals of translation and skills of interpretation. I like one sentence very much.” Where there is a will ,where there is a way.” I always say to myself when I am in difficulty. Now I am seeking a chance as interpreter. I am a English teacher now, but I want to do something different for my dream that I want to challenge myself .


I alaways want to be a translator or do something about business.I study hard in school and I think I will try my best to work and do it well.  I would appreciate your time in reviewing my presetation and if there is any additional information you require , please contact me . I would welcome an opportunity to meet you.Thank you for your time and considerations. Sincerely yours

I am Teresa.I am honesty, optimistic girl. I have a dream that i can try my best to creat a good life and do i want. This my goal of my life. now I am working in a electronic company as interpreter.with 7 years works experience,I can speak english fluetly. 

So when you come to zhongshan, I hope have the chance to help you, and  make your zhongshan trip pleasant and fruitful.

My working experience

I have worked in Zhongshan Huatai Craft Products Co., Ltd. as interpreter, my work is below:

1. As interpreter use oral English (communication between foreign designers and employees and various production departments)

2. development design and materials (follow-up of development and production parts list, etc.)

3.Complete customer orders received in each quarter.

Angela shen  29  years old, Chinese interpreter in zhongshan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 9 years.

Services: zhongshan interpreter, purchasing agent,  tour guide

Willing to move: zhongshan

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Lights, etc

native of zhongshan, has lived in zhongshan since childhood, 9   years of experience in interpretation.

My major is english education.I have passed CET4 and CECT1.I can commuciate with others freely in English.I have acquired interpretation skills.My ability to write and speak English is out of question.I can worked as chinese interpreter very well.  

I am open-mind ,brave and optimistic.I have been a interpreter in zhongshan for two years.I have leart so many things that I cann't learn from the book .I am happy to give survice to others .

My life belief is to be responsible and loyal to my profession as interpreter, my friendsand my leader as well.

I am full enthusiasm for interpreter work.I sure I will be a  successful interpreter in zhongshan.