Cherry Luo 28 years old, Chinese interpreter in dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 8 years.

Services: dongguan local interpreter, purchasing agent,tour guide

Willing to move: donguan

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Packaging etc

 8  years of experience in interpretation.

My first job is interpreter and marketing in dongguan:2013-2015

 Handle orders from abroad customers, find new customers from internet, handle daily RFQ and customer complain. so I can speak very well english.


My second job worked as sales and interpreter in 

Dongguan Zhiao Electronics Co., Ltd. 2015-2019.11

Receive orders from abroad and pass orders to production;

Merchandiser to old customers;

Order follow up till shipment;

Translate some daily documents;

English Translation and Interpretation.



1. College graduate, Foreign Trade English major. 2. Having a good command of written & spoken English and having got the Certificate of CET-4. 3. Being very familiar with the procedure of import and export. 4. Being able to work under pressure and independence. 

self evulation

I am the one who is very serious, responsible, sincere and energetic while working.I realize that I need to work hard and adapt to new circumstance with different culture and background. You'll see how right you are to have a interpreter like me as long as I am favored a chance to work for your company! 

Chinese interpreter and translator in dongguan

Language, Chinese-English. experience: 9 years.

willing to move: shenzhen

9  years experience in interpretation and  international business.

Location: chinese interpreter in Donggaun

Xinyong Plastic Products Factory  2013-10 ~ 2019-6 (6 years)

Interpreter and sales director

1.Maintaining good relationship and offering service for our current customers, controlling order from receiving to delivered,confirming delivery to customer.

 2.Handling the complaint from customer,such as quality,technical issues.

3.Making reception and be the translator when customer visit,also will make the company presentation of company. 

4.Developing potential customers. 

Rongcheng Products Factory  2010-3 ~ 2013-9 ( 3 years)

Interpreter and sales manager

1.Keep good relationship with customers.

2.Communicate with both customers and intenal. 

3.Dealing with customers$ PO, and working with internal departments, ensure ship the parts customers requested on time. 

4.Dealing with customer's compliants.

5.Trainning the new colleagues and arrange their working.

6.Maintaining the ISO documents.

special skill

English | Proficiency

1.Hard-working,Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment. high responsibility and know how to work well with others.

2.Over 7 years experience as a sales and 3 years in foreign business.

3.Good in communicating and cooperation with oversea customers.

4.Very familiar with the whole procedures of export and manufacturer.

5.Know how to developing new customer.

6.Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. 

7.Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths

Chinese interpreter and translator in Dongguan

willing to move: shenzhen

5  years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Location: interpreter in Dongguan

Dongguan Huanyi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.

2018-10 ~ 2019-07 (1 year)

interpreter and  Business Manager

Develop potential customer from Google,Linked,Facdbook, Pinterset 

Follow up inquiry and make quotation 

Translated customer’s demand such as drawing, international standard

Dongguan Jianqiao Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

2014-10 ~ 2018-10 (4 years)

interpreter and international trade

Created and managed B2B shop on,managed P4P advertising

Follow up inquiry and make quotation and visited customer

Arranged and attended trade show (CES,Moscow EXPO Electronica,

HK electronics Fair etc....)

Translated customer’s demand such as drawing, international standard (ASTM,EN,ISO,UL and so on) and communicate with internal team,Translated user manual of product in English 

Steven Wu  35 years old, Chinese interpreter for dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 8 years.

Services: dongguan local interpreter, purchasing agent, commercial assistant, airport pick up, tour guide

Willing to move: Foshan, 

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

Steven Wu graduated from Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies 2010, native of Dongguan, has lived in dongguan since childhood, 10  years of experience in interpretation.

Experienced industry: electronics and home appliances, Digital Entertainment Products: Communication Products: Power Products: Kitchen appliances, refrigerators and refrigeration equipment: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and ventilation equipment.

self -evaluation:being flexbile; have good scientific methods for problems, could see both sides to any problems and find workable solutions which are advantagous both to employees and emplyers

 Having the experience for Working Foreign enterprises esp in Printing & packing and garment manufacturing.

know ISO9000 and SA8000 very well. have a good command of English both in oral and written;

Skills :an expert of ISO 9000 and SA8000, an bearer of internal auditor;

have good commmand of English in oral and written.

Having practical management in manufacturing industry; including adminsitrative and production management and sourcing procurement of enterprise. Position: soucing manager, Quality manager, production manager, and interpreter

My name is Candy and live in dongguan for many years, here is my second homtown, all my family lived in here, I'm a lovely girl. I have much passion with my work. I can speak fluently English.

I have been working as a engineer(products design) for 4years.Since last year, i changed the job became a merchandiser and interpreter. And now i have one year experience in this position.Whatever position I am in,i feel i am hardworking ,responsible and try my best to get job done.In my spare time ,I keep learning business English in order to match the job. I hope I can serve you when you come to dongguan.

Name:Kathy  Liu  


Date of Birth:October,1991

Working experience

Shubiz Shoes Trading Company



When I was working in Shubiz,I was a Secretary related to foreign business,my job is including: receptionist,answer the phone call,handle the E-mail,book the meals and hotel for our client,received the express and issue to my workmate,and sometimes,when I go to the factory with our technician and client,I need to be an interpreter,traslate the sample report for our technician and check the grammar of the inspection report for our QC, and make the weekly meeting record and other administrative work.



 September, 2007 - June, 2011 GuangDong Polytechnic Normal University Marketing 

Self assesment:Indenpently and inter-personal communication skill I am honest, reliable, amaible, optimistic, good at communication and endurance, diligent, motivated, active, responsible and brave to confront difficulties and challenges.

Easy going and active,hard working and have very good learning passion.I like classical music,opera,movie and reading.