Candy Li D48

Candy Li D48, 29

  • Dongguan local interpreter waigint for you, lovely girl ,good at english.

  • Chinese-English

  • Dongguan

  • Daily Rate $120-150

  • 7 years

Personal description

My name is Candy and live in dongguan for many years, here is my second homtown, all my family lived in here, I'm a lovely girl. I have much passion with my work. I can speak fluently English.

I have been working as a engineer(products design) for 4years.Since last year, i changed the job became a merchandiser and interpreter. And now i have one year experience in this position.Whatever position I am in,i feel i am hardworking ,responsible and try my best to get job done.In my spare time ,I keep learning business English in order to match the job. I hope I can serve you when you come to dongguan.

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