About me

Sales and interpreter experience:

Manage all  online  customer needs and inquiries by Providing quality responses to their needs through  inquiries.Developing new customers and expansion of company market base. 

Dealing with inquiries & interpreter for customer's visiting, Translate related documents,  Suggesting solutions to customers in a positive manner. 

Communicate promptly to customers and relate informations to them about their orders. 

Giving customers information about company services and products. Handling difficult and aggressive customers in a professional manner.


 Self assessment:

I can speak fluent english ,us english as work lanague, to Search customers and  coordinate business with them on behalf of my company and maintain long and lasting relationship with them. I achieved these through introduction of our company product and services to our foreign clients persuade and convince them to see reason to associate with our company because we will offer the best in term of product quality, price and customer service delivery. I also maintain constant touch with my customers via emails, Skype, msn and telephone calls to meet their daily demands and request. Fluent in English and with good knowledge of European and African markets Experienced in new market identification. Good client relations, and strategic planning. Polished communication, presentation, negotiation, and problem solving skills.

About me: My work experience in dongguan

Dongguan Qingxi Modern Product Factory2013.8-2019.12 customer service and interpreter

1.Daily communicating with the customers about the production status through Email and telephone.

2.Sampling before mass production and engineering documentations preparation

3.Arranging mass production and shipment/delivery.

4.Handling customer complaints and checking payment each month.

5.Good coordination with the customer and internal factory

Jianwei Electronics Factory 2011.1-2013.7


sales: commuicating with all costomers by Email and telephone everyday. Dealing with customer complaints.

Arranging production and shipment.

Interpreter: Translating and assist to solve issues happened everyday.

1.Handling orders process--offer-- sampling--receiving orders from customers--comfirming all the materials status---arranging batch production and shipment---handling costomer complaints

2.interpreter for teleconference with 3M Austin to discuss orders and shipment issue every Thursday.

3.interpreter for teleconference with 3M Austin engineers to discuss process issues and quality issues every Wednesday.

4.Daily email communication with customers.

Self assessment

1.good communication skills , easy-going and teamwork. 

2.more than 4 years experiences in international sales and translating/interpreting. 

3.fluent English both in speaking and writing. familiar with factory work flow and working system(ERP).

5.good management ability. 

Welcome to dongguan, we will let you have a good trip here.

update 23-feb-2020

Jenny su 25  years old, Chinese interpreter for dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 3 years.

Services: dongguan local interpreter, purchasing agent, commercial assistant, tour guide

Willing to move: guangzhou and shenzhen 

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

Steven Wu graduated from ZhongNan University , 3 years of experience in interpretation.

I am open-minded girl, make friend is my interesting, I like singing, dancing,Abiity is the only key, I believe I have the ability to work as interpreter when you give me the chance, I have many practice experience as interpreter in dongguan,I will try my best to serve you.

About English I can fluently reading and translate some foreign trade documents and the English level is CET Band six.

I am good at foreign English, I major in foreign trade English minor in  international trade business.the main courses are English business correspondence, english writing,reading,listening and speaking.besides i am familiar with some trade terms in international trade,such as:FOB,FCA,CIF,CFR and so on!i have reached college English band 6 ,as for my oral english ,i can communicate with foreingers directly. Hope you can give me a chance to work as dongguan interpreter for you 

Chinese interpreter and translator in dongguan

willing to move: guangzhou

11 years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Location: interpreter in dongguan

Dongguan Aikexun Composite Material Co., Ltd.

2012-04 ~ 2019-09 (7 years)

chinese interpreter

To be in charge of English/Chinese translation while as a contact window for customers.

Receving Customer and follow up related issues;

Complete other doings.


Be resposible for some domestic and all international procurement,also the development and management of new suppliers. 

Assist superior to formulate and optimize the management of purchasing department system and purchasing process 

The management and optimazation of suppliers, constantly tap new source.


2009-07~2012-01(3 years)

Chinese interpreter

1. acted as an English interpreter and  translator when receive customers, also accompany boss out factory on business if necessary.

  - Performs order follow-up which includes order entry, acknowledgment and monitoring of delivery changes to ensure that customers' requirements are fulfilled satisfactorily

  - Works closely with customers on payment arrangement to prevent unnecessary pile-up of stock

  - Advises customer about shipping status and related documents to ensure that customers are well informed of the delivery status

  - Coordinates with business team or customer to arrange goods return and follow up on the issue

1.  I have active idea, highly responsible and aggressive,

2. Working steady, stated ability of organizing managing cooperating, careful and creative in working. 

3.  self-confidence, self-respect, self-strive!

Tony Chen 37  years old, English Chinese interpreter and translator for Dongguan 

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 13 years.

willing to move: Foshan, zhongshan, jiangmen, Hongkong

Tony Chen graduated from the Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies 2006,  Cet 6 English Certificate, 13 years of rich experience in translation.

Main Sector: interpreter for dongguan, accompanies customers to visit factory, commercial negotiations, find new products and suppliers, visit the factories with customers. etc. knows the city  well,

(hotels and restaurants).

Working experience 

dear sir/madam

it’s my great honor to share my working experience with you.i was graduated from foreign language dept. of hunan university of science and engineering in 2006 after four years study.

 four years’  i got the certificates of tem-8/cet-6/tem-4/ncre-2.before my graduation, i got an intern job as exporting managers assistant in a company which was exporting office-lighting facility. as a greenhorn, i endured the tough moment and learned as much as i could. in may, i caught a chance to participate in 2006 international lighting exhibition. in the booth, i introduced companys various kinds of products to foreign customers and at the same time assumed the responsibility as the interpreter of the boss.

1. 2007-2012, i was recruited by sanzi  co. ltd, 

a handbag company where i had learnt a lot including ways of doing business and communicating with customers and colleagues as well! at that new beginning, i was led by a senior merchandiser to get familiar with the whole process of following projects.

then, i was chosen by general manager for which she had found that i had a high sense of responsibility, eager to do things perfectly, proactive to learn and i handled the things in prudential way. as a result, i was promoted as the assistant of gm and directly under her supervision, which gave me much pressure and eventually stimulated me to progress rapidly. during the daily working hours, i paid great attention and patience in communicating and cooperating with customers and successfully maintained good business relationship with them! my customers also like to cooperate with me and send me purchase order time after time. and i can, really, enjoy communicating with customers. i completely understand that "cooperation is the essential way to success".

2. from nov. 2013 till sept  2018, i am recruited by amigo baggage (guangdong) co., ltd. after gaining the trust from my manager and cooperated with my assistant, i have been handling masters london’s monthly orders, navigare’s seasonal orders for more than 1 year and successfully maintain good business relationship with them. besides, i also reactivate the new zealands market by finding a new customer through the buyers’ information from hktdc. after establishing a good enterprise image of our company, that new customer has also introduced to us his friend (another new customer) in australia. 

 i made some nice and colorful quotation with details of competitive products and sent them to customers as promotional sale. i also made an order schedule form by describing the time table of a project, so as to persuaded a hungarian customer successfully to confirm 40 feet container order and arrange deposit to us. in my colleagues’ point of view, i am responsible, reliable, innovative, diligent and always striving to be the best in the company.

i am now looking for a new job that can apply all my knowledge, capability and working experience to fulfill my value for your company. i am eager to join your elite team to make a prosperous future for all of us!

thank you for your time and consideration. i’m sincerely looking forward to receiving your invitation of interview! 

with best regards!

Chen Ya, Interpreter with experience of clothes

Language, Chinese-English, experience:5  years.

willing to move: dongguan

 graduated from the Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies 2013,  Cet 6 English Certificate, 5 years of rich experience in clothes industry.

Main Sector: interpreter in dongguan, accompanies customers to visit factory, commercial negotiations, find new products and suppliers. especially in clothes industry.

My experience can be descriped as bellow:

(1)  In accordance with the buyer provided the new season styles(include picture and some comments), translate it to chinese  for sampling.

(2) Received the buyer return comments for proceed next smpl.

(3) Order the fabric and trims for bulk,follow-up the progress,correct any problem if exist.

(4) Issue the bulk production order and follow-up the pattern/marker and packing, control the best quality and deliver date within shipment date .


Self assessment:

(1)I have a strong sense of responsibility, also, I have a concept of strict control and standard to the completion of each work and the quality of the relative progress.

 (2)I have a positive attitude toward work, and good at communication, have consistently warm and tenacious belief on the cooperation both with the relevant suppliers or outsourcing companies. 

1)I have be expert in men's and women's outerwear/blazer/dress etc.

2) Good command of english, use english as work language for 5 years.