Tony Chen D1

Tony Chen D1, 37

  • Professional & Experienced English-Chinese Interpreter,Dongguan interpreter, Business Assistant, providing interpretation service and city guide service

  • Chinese English

  • Dongguan

  • Daily rate:$100-180

  • 13 years

Personal description

Tony Chen 37  years old, English Chinese interpreter and translator for Dongguan 

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 13 years.

willing to move: Foshan, zhongshan, jiangmen, Hongkong

Tony Chen graduated from the Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies 2006,  Cet 6 English Certificate, 13 years of rich experience in translation.

Main Sector: interpreter for dongguan, accompanies customers to visit factory, commercial negotiations, find new products and suppliers, visit the factories with customers. etc. knows the city  well,

(hotels and restaurants).

Working experience 

dear sir/madam

it’s my great honor to share my working experience with you.i was graduated from foreign language dept. of hunan university of science and engineering in 2006 after four years study.

 four years’  i got the certificates of tem-8/cet-6/tem-4/ncre-2.before my graduation, i got an intern job as exporting managers assistant in a company which was exporting office-lighting facility. as a greenhorn, i endured the tough moment and learned as much as i could. in may, i caught a chance to participate in 2006 international lighting exhibition. in the booth, i introduced companys various kinds of products to foreign customers and at the same time assumed the responsibility as the interpreter of the boss.

1. 2007-2012, i was recruited by sanzi  co. ltd, 

a handbag company where i had learnt a lot including ways of doing business and communicating with customers and colleagues as well! at that new beginning, i was led by a senior merchandiser to get familiar with the whole process of following projects.

then, i was chosen by general manager for which she had found that i had a high sense of responsibility, eager to do things perfectly, proactive to learn and i handled the things in prudential way. as a result, i was promoted as the assistant of gm and directly under her supervision, which gave me much pressure and eventually stimulated me to progress rapidly. during the daily working hours, i paid great attention and patience in communicating and cooperating with customers and successfully maintained good business relationship with them! my customers also like to cooperate with me and send me purchase order time after time. and i can, really, enjoy communicating with customers. i completely understand that "cooperation is the essential way to success".

2. from nov. 2013 till sept  2018, i am recruited by amigo baggage (guangdong) co., ltd. after gaining the trust from my manager and cooperated with my assistant, i have been handling masters london’s monthly orders, navigare’s seasonal orders for more than 1 year and successfully maintain good business relationship with them. besides, i also reactivate the new zealands market by finding a new customer through the buyers’ information from hktdc. after establishing a good enterprise image of our company, that new customer has also introduced to us his friend (another new customer) in australia. 

 i made some nice and colorful quotation with details of competitive products and sent them to customers as promotional sale. i also made an order schedule form by describing the time table of a project, so as to persuaded a hungarian customer successfully to confirm 40 feet container order and arrange deposit to us. in my colleagues’ point of view, i am responsible, reliable, innovative, diligent and always striving to be the best in the company.

i am now looking for a new job that can apply all my knowledge, capability and working experience to fulfill my value for your company. i am eager to join your elite team to make a prosperous future for all of us!

thank you for your time and consideration. i’m sincerely looking forward to receiving your invitation of interview! 

with best regards!

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