about me:

I majored in English at school ,My English is fluent and I can communicate with foreign customers without any problem.As I have worked as a interpreter in a shoes company four years ,and I have some experience in communicating . dealing with emergenty ,etc.During my daily work  is interpreter  for foreign tecnicials present in china, and translate all kinds of documents ,meanwhile I also need to communicat with foreign clients, make oral/writting transalation for them,  and following up particular orders, so I have full confidence that I will do my best and be a good interpreter for your dongguan visit

work experience in dongguan as interpreter

Sunny Xiao 25 years old, Chinese interpreter in dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 5 years.

Services: dongguan in  interpreter,sourcing agent,commercial assistant,tour guide

Willing to move:Dongguan 

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

About my work experience

1.Daily translations (interpretation &translation),translate process analysis,2D,3D model drawings,etc.documents of all departments in our factory.

2.Responsible for oversea new and old customer's project quotation and translation.

3. worked as bridge between customers and factories,interprete and conveyance customer's requirements: translated  related  documents such as mold drawings,accompany customerto to test molds,and as interpreter for technical discussion meetings.

A solid translation experience in English,fluent in spoken English.

About me

Act as an translator for customer visits, accompany the customer to see the factory, introduce company products, answer questions for customers,and negotiate about trade terms, and make good communication with both clustomers and production dept. Keep close emails and phone contacts with customers in english, communicate about  products details,  feedback all issues in time to production dept  to ensure the product quality, and translate documents and  sheets, completed translation projects.

Work experience in dongguan as interpreter

Sally wang 30  years old, Chinese interpreter in dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience:10 years.

Services: dongguan in  interpreter,businessl assistant,tour guide

Willing to move:Dongguan 

I have worked in Dongguan Translation Co., Ltd. as Translation supervisor

my experience as below:

1.Responsible for the translation of important documents, including business, procurement, technology, research and development, production, supply chain, finance, management, project operations, IT development and implementation.

2.Responsible for the company's daily interpretation work, including  during foreign businessmen and foreign technical consultants' visits, offer simultaneous interpretation and alternate interpretation for conferences.

3. Accompany company executives to participate in business negotiations,  technical exchanges negotiations, and communicate with foreign  technicians.

4. To ensure the timely and high-quality of translation tasks.

5. Responsible for the translation of company's all kinds of  documents such as technology,  procurement, management documents, as well as responsible interpretation service  for foreign customer's visit.

English level: Professional level 8, fluent in spoken 

Spanish level: Spanish B2 level Excellent translation level: 

Skilled in Chinese, English and  Spanish translation ( fast, high accuracy), strong interpreting ability, good at meeting alternate Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation 

Overseas background: Rich oversea work experience, 

Master degree

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Lucy Chen 35 years old, Chinese interpreter in dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 15 years.

Services: dongguan local interpreter, purchasing agent,

Willing to move: Dongguan

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

15  years of experience in interpretation and international business.

As  interprerter and sales manager, I am responsible for developing and maintaining international market,and offer interpretation service for our clients.

 Work experience

1. Responsible for actively exploring foreign markets, developing customers and seeking orders;

2. Handling the inquiry price of foreign customers;

3, processing the order from the order to the shipment of the entire process of tracking and coordination, including order information to understand and communicate, to ensure that orders are delivered on time and quality;

4, on the basis of maintaining the stability of old customers, tapping the deep demand of old customers to do the in-depth development of old customers;



1. Good English skills, rich experience in foreign trade import and export business and various export document production processes, good at establishing good relationships with customers; 

2. Strong professional knowledge, foreign trade business development ability, team management Ability and good professional ethics

3, proficient in operating international business platforms such as alibaba, MIC; have rich experience in foreign exhibitions 

 4, I am pragmatic and honest, have strong learning ability, Responsibility and execution, good team spirit and organizational coordination ability.

About me

Interpreter and Merchandiser experience

Inaugurated the post of International Merchandiser, I mainly coordinate with US and Europe customers from America, France, Canada and Italy etc.Take care of business establishment, Material Procurement, Production Planning, Shipment docs, and post-sale service, etc, and translated all business related documents


Good English communication + Interperter and translator experience in dongguan ,Strong sense of responsibility +Proactive working attitude+ Efficiency +Team work spirit. Skilled Import + Export Merchandizer,