Anne Xiao, interpreter in dongguan with 2 years experience

Anne Xiao, interpreter in dongguan with 2 years experience, 22 years

  • Young chinese interpreter in dongguan

  • Engslih chinese

  • Dongguan

  • Daily rate:$ 80-120

  • 2 years

Personal description

about me:

I majored in English at school ,My English is fluent and I can communicate with foreign customers without any problem.As I have worked as a interpreter in a shoes company four years ,and I have some experience in communicating . dealing with emergenty ,etc.During my daily work  is interpreter  for foreign tecnicials present in china, and translate all kinds of documents ,meanwhile I also need to communicat with foreign clients, make oral/writting transalation for them,  and following up particular orders, so I have full confidence that I will do my best and be a good interpreter for your dongguan visit

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