Lucy Chen,Interpreter in dongguan with sales manager experience

Lucy Chen,Interpreter in dongguan with sales manager experience, 35 years

  • Interpreter in dongguan with 15 years of experience as sales manager

  • English chinese

  • Dongguan

  • $120-200/8 hours

  • 15 years

Personal description

Lucy Chen 35 years old, Chinese interpreter in dongguan ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 15 years.

Services: dongguan local interpreter, purchasing agent,

Willing to move: Dongguan

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

15  years of experience in interpretation and international business.

As  interprerter and sales manager, I am responsible for developing and maintaining international market,and offer interpretation service for our clients.

 Work experience

1. Responsible for actively exploring foreign markets, developing customers and seeking orders;

2. Handling the inquiry price of foreign customers;

3, processing the order from the order to the shipment of the entire process of tracking and coordination, including order information to understand and communicate, to ensure that orders are delivered on time and quality;

4, on the basis of maintaining the stability of old customers, tapping the deep demand of old customers to do the in-depth development of old customers;



1. Good English skills, rich experience in foreign trade import and export business and various export document production processes, good at establishing good relationships with customers; 

2. Strong professional knowledge, foreign trade business development ability, team management Ability and good professional ethics

3, proficient in operating international business platforms such as alibaba, MIC; have rich experience in foreign exhibitions 

 4, I am pragmatic and honest, have strong learning ability, Responsibility and execution, good team spirit and organizational coordination ability.

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