Bille Chen, interpreter in zhuhai with good experience

Bille Chen, interpreter in zhuhai with good experience, 28 years old

  • Solid experience of translation and interpretation in zhuhai

  • Engish Chinese

  • Zhuhai

  • Daily Rate:$100-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

Chinese Interpreter in zhuhai 

I have experience both documents translation and oral interpretation,so when you come to zhuhai, please contact with me. 

Oral interpretation work experience  as :

my first work in zhuhai: interpretation of interviews with experts and ministers,assisting equipment engineers to perform on-site translation of undercutting equipment installation, assisting equipment engineers with Italian QS Group technicians to translate,accompanying experts and SQE to suppliers for on-site guidance translation,meeting translation.

Documents translation experience such as:

my second work in zhuhai: monthly and annual KPI performance appraisal reports Translation,SPC course training translation,translation of dishwasher parts list,translation of Electrolux audit report,production line Rate analysis translation, PQC daily report translation of final assembly workshop,translation of finished product factory inspection instructions,industry 4.0 technical document translation.Emails between experts and engineers, translation of contract renewal approval form,line improvement project and action form translation.

edit date 11-feb-2020

Last edited date:04-Jau-2024

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