Lily Lei, chinese interpreter in zhuhai

Lily Lei, chinese interpreter in zhuhai , 23 years

  • Hunan Changde normal school

  • english chinese

  • Zhuhai

  • Daily rate:$100-120

  • 3 years

Personal description

Interpreter in zhuhai, Lily Lei

Why me:

I'm very open and active girl,in My Working, I am very serious and careful, Have a good ablitiy of communication and organization, I am good at using english as work language,and then, have ability of speaking English fluently.I have passed CET-4.


If I have a opportunity work with you as interpreter.I will try my best to do, at the same time. learn new things from you and offer my service to you.what you need is a down-to-earth sprit! I believe ,where there is a will. There is a way!

Edited date:04-Jau-2024  

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