Canton Fair

Billy Zhou

Billy Zhou, 25 years old

  • I have five years experience as shipping manager, familiar with all shipping process.

  • Guangzhou university

  • english chinese japanese

  • Canton Fair

  • Daily rate:100-150 $

  • 5 years

Personal description

English Chinese interpreter and translator for canton fair 

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 5  years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

willing to move: shenzhen

Main Sector: interpreter for canton fair

working experience 

Dongguan Zhongzhong Leather Goods Co., Ltd. 2014-.12-2019.12Sales manager for 2 years,shipping manager for 3 years

1.Responsible oneself all shipping related maining working.

2.Responsible general manager assign some working.


1.Proficient in spoken and written English, Mandarin and Cantonese; Strong communication & presentation skills.

2.Good command of the basic procedures and skills in foreign trade Business.

3.Familiar with team management, job assignment, staff trainning & encouraging.

4.Possess overseas working experience, willing to work directly with overseas customer.

Self evaluation

Engaged in foreign trade work for more than five years, familiar with foreign trade process and shipping arrangements, can independently complete a set of documents, with a solid foundation of foreign trade. Late follow-up international top 500  exercise my spoken English ability, than before to learn more about the internal order of big customer inquiry process,  because like English, so is engaged in the foreign trade work, hope what i have  learned can be applied  to the work, to improve myself 

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