Sandy Peng

Sandy Peng, 26

  • Good english skills and good interpersonal relationship

  • Shenzhen university

  • English chinese and Japanese

  • Foshan

  • Daily Rate:$100-150

  • 7 Years

Personal description

English Chinese interpreter and translator in foshan

Language, Chinese-English,japanese. experience: 7 years.

willing to move: dongguan, guangzhou

7 years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Sector: interpreter in foshan

Working experience 



1. Translation work; Application of language tools in foreign trade;

2. Procedures for the overseas operation of imported goods, contact domestic & foreign agents for inquiry, accurate and timely quotation to the business /customers, receive orders and contact domestic and foeign agents to arrange cargo booking, transportation, cargo trac


Translation (interpretation and translation) and  trade experience:  

electronic communication, testing equipment, mechanical packaging, molds, electroplating, toys, food, furniture, equipment import and export information, foreign trade, etc.: according to the translation company$s assignment to do business in different industries. Long-term (working at the company or factory) and short-term, will complete the task on time and in accordance with quality requirements, etc.

World Translation Conference

Discuss the influence of language as a tool on leading culture, business and human civilization, and the standardization and implementation of foreign language localization. etc.

Self evaluation

I am able to complete the task assigned by my superior

Being able to learn continuously, good physical fitness, good interpersonal relationship, kindness but principle, will control time and control emotions, personal hobbies: swimming, football, etc.; logical thinking about whether something is reasonable, doing things is perfect but not rigid Perfect, get the job, no matter how big or small the commitment is made, the strategic direction and personal will of the company and the team must be consistent in execution and thinking;

Disadvantages: Constantly learn time control; concentrate on doing everything well;

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