Shirely chen - Foshan

Shirely chen - Foshan, 27

  • Worked as project manager in Brazil Company for 5 years

  • Chinese english

  • Foshan

  • Daily Rate$120-150

  • 7 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter and translator in foshan

Language, Chinese-English. experience: 7 years.

7  years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Location: chinese interpreter in foshan

Working experience  in foshan

Worked as a merchandiser for Brazilian company. Responsible for monitoring and scanning the China market for potential suppliers for all Hobby products.  Attending, Sourcing suppliers and negotiate between Brazil side and factory for products, price and quality etc, and the same time maintain a good and stable relationship with them. As an interpreter during Brazilian colleagues visit China. Arrange meetings with suppliers. Take them to factories and shows. . 

Now I am working in foshan as freelance interpreter and business assistant

Edited date:04-Jau-2023

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