Lucy Luo, interpreter in foshan with ceramics experience F20200216A

Lucy Luo, interpreter in foshan with ceramics experience F20200216A, 28 years old

  • Central China Normal University

  • Engish Chinese

  • Foshan

  • Daily Rate:$100-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

work experience

Worked as an English translator  for the foshan ceramics factory. The main work are: translation of emails, production documents, ISO14001 related  documents, and telephone conferences with foreign customers with foshan local suppliers. I can  work as interpreter also translator for documents

Self evaluation

I have worked as English chinese intepreter in foshan for many years, I am responsible for all oral interpretation and documents translation works in my ex company . The  annual translation is about 500,000 words.

Translation  industries including:  engineering, equipment manufacturing, equipment  technology, manufacturing technology, tenders,  cooperation and technical transfer. conference  interpretation, production site  interpretation, etc.

edit date:16- feb-2020

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