Guangzhou Interpreter For Hire in China

As a professional Chinese interpreter, I will work side by side with you during your duration of stay here and ensure that you can communicate fluently with your business partners, taxi drivers, restaurant servers, or any others that will help make your stay easier.

China has grown exponentially over the past few years into the biggest global market and each year, thousands of businessmen fly here to meet potential business partners or a prospective client. Upon arrival, foreigners are usually floored at the warmth of the Chinese locals. But the caveat is that they have very limited English speaking skills or none at all. It goes without saying that most people who arrive here do not have the faintest idea of speaking in Chinese or Mandarin either.

Services Provided:


Business meeting assistance

Factory visit assistance

Consecutive interpreter

Simultaneous interpreter

Product sourcing

Canton Fair interpreter

Trade show translator

China exhibition interpreter

Wholesale markets assistance

Any custom need…

working experience in guangzhou

I have worked in a trade company in guangzhou for six years, my experience as below

1. Acted as interpreter to accompany with  president to visit new factory /suppliers, prepare English ducumentns for visit in advance.

2. Daily english chinese interpretation and docuents translation. Interpretation includes: receiving foreign customers  for meeting and negotiation; interpreting for foreign QC for goodsinspection; interpreting for foreign designers for new model modification and confirmation. participate foreign sales director business meetings and take record. 

3. Written translation includes: Chinese-English translation of audit documents; Chinese-English translation of legal documents; Chinese-English translation of documents required by production department. 

4. Check the translation manuscripts of the staff, and regularly conduct training courses for Chinese-English translation.

working experience in guangzhou

I have worked in UK as interpreter for seven years, my experience as below:

1. Worked as  translators in uk (including English interpreters and translators) for chinese project leaders, responsible for foreign project bids, drawings, documents, contracts translation,also our project English interpretation and other business translations, company English translation  with local government departments, customs clearance, material procurement, etc.

2. Translate relevant bids documents according to customer requirements.Develop customers and maintain customers; visit customers 

3. Negotiate and communicate with customers to reach cooperation intentions and promote sales.

Self evaluation

I Have more than 7 year's English translation work experience in uk, have no obstacles in oral English communication (with foreigners, good proficiency in translation), fluent English (English level 6 or above); can use English as a working Language, with excellent Chinese-English translation ability and good English communication skills, I hope to work in Guangzhou with long-term stable work as interpreter, also willing to work abroad.

About my work experience in guangzhou as interpreter

1. Responsible for translate all kinds of contracts of our ex--company, such as: raw material procurement contracts, engineering contracts,lease contracts,etc.Accurate translation of business contracts and cooperation agreements between our company and overseas. partners.

2. Translate all documents from foreign customers: English contracts, cooperation agreements,promotional materials and other documents.

3. Receive overseas customer's visit,and be responsible for accompany them as interpreter during business negotiations.

4. Other translation works,such as :translate mail  and reply etc.

Level 6 English, Level 1 of International Business English, I have travled to United States, Sri Lanka, South Africa and other places for business trips,and use English as a working language.

edit date:10-Fbe-2020

Stella Luo 36  years old, Chinese interpreter in guangzhou ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 16 years.

Services: guangzhou in  interpreter,sourcing agent, Senior Translation Manager

Willing to move:guangzhou

I worked as Senior Translation Manager for more than 10 years in guangzhou translation company:

my daily work as below:

1. As the company's highest-level translation and review expert, I am responsible for the translation and finalization of important documents, including documents like the company's chairman meeting with the Director-General of UNESCO, the President of Egypt and the Minister of Education, the President of Kenya.

2. Review and control the translation quality of translators from the United States and the United Kingdom, and ensure the accuracy of translations by translators.

3. Review and translate product website materials, IT system language pack materials, business contracts, user manuals and promotional materials.

4. Responsible for the interpretation of important technical communication meetings and product communication meetings, including technical communication meetings with Daimler and product communication meetings between the headquarters and overseas subsidiaries.

5. Responsible for the monthly training of interpretation and translation, including training on alternate interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, advanced translation and the use of translation aids.

6. As the top leader of the translation department, responsible for establishing the company's translation service process system and rules and regulations, and formulating the "English Writing Specifications",  "Certification of Translation Skills", "Interpretation and Translation" Quality Feedback Form ".

edit date:10-Feb-2020

I am experienced interpreter in guangzhou, following are part of my experience

interpreter  experience

2017.12.04: translators for Australia Education and Technology Innovation Cooperation Exchange Conference

2017.11.15:  interpreter for Guangzhou Beijian Milk Powder Co., Ltd. foreign supplier conference

2017.10.10-13: interpreter for  the exhibition The 14th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair.

2017.09.20-22: interpreter for Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Expo. I am responsible for interpreting and accompanying delegation of foreign friendship associations; Thailand-China Economic Association.

2017.09.06: Interpretater for  exhibition, Pacific Alliance South America Tourism Promotion Conference-Guangzhou show.

2017.04.10: Interpreter for meeting: Accompany the Australian client to take part in  investment  meeting with Shenzhen fund consulting company , and  Liwan District Government.

2017.04.15-2017.04.20: worked as interpreter to accompany Australian merchants to purchase electronic products and hardware appliances at the Canton Fair.

2016.11.03-2016.11.07: Interpreter for exhibitions: Provide interpreter services for a lighting company at the China Import and Export Fair.

Skill description:

The above-mentioned experiences have greatly improved my interpretation skills, Fluent in spoken English, TEM8, Master degree in english,good at translation and interpretation,good English writing ability,familiar with the culture and customs of the English speaking people.

Edit date 11-feb-2020

I can provide the following service in guangzhou

1, English chinese translation, provide  translation and interpretation for  all kinds of documents, including: email translation, document translation, industry including: engineering, electricity, machinery, medicine, roads, certification documents and contracts, etc.

2.translation fo  daily mail, meeting minutes, work report PPT, translation of business contracts and quotations

3.Find suppliers through Alibaba, prepare for trade fairs, follow up orders, etc. your oral interpreter for you guangzhou visit.