Lucy, Xu, Chinese interpreter in guangzlhou with 5 years experience

Lucy, Xu, Chinese interpreter in guangzlhou with 5 years experience, 26 years old

  • Interpreter in guangzhou with rich tranlation and interpretation experience.

  • Guangzhou univeristy

  • English Chinese Spainish

  • Guangzhou

  • Daily rate:$120-180

  • 6 years

Personal description

Chinese interprete and translator  in guangzhou

My working experience

I have worked in a trade company in guangzhou for six years, my experience as below

1. Acted as interpreter to accompany with  president to visit new factory /suppliers, prepare English ducumentns for visit in advance.

2. Daily english chinese interpretation and docuents translation. Interpretation includes: receiving foreign customers  for meeting and negotiation; interpreting for foreign QC for goodsinspection; interpreting for foreign designers for new model modification and confirmation. participate foreign sales director business meetings and take record. 

3. Written translation includes: Chinese-English translation of audit documents; Chinese-English translation of legal documents; Chinese-English translation of documents required by production department. 

4. Check the translation manuscripts of the staff, and regularly conduct training courses for Chinese-English translation.

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