Stella luo, interpreter in guangzhou with 10 years experience as Senior Translation Manager

Stella luo, interpreter in guangzhou with 10 years experience as Senior Translation Manager, 36 years old

  • Interpreter in guangzhou with oversea education experience

  • Spanish National University of Cordoba

  • Engish Chinese, Spanish

  • Guangzhou

  • To be discussed

  • 16 years

Personal description

Stella Luo 36  years old, Chinese interpreter in guangzhou ,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 16 years.

Services: guangzhou in  interpreter,sourcing agent, Senior Translation Manager

Willing to move:guangzhou

I worked as Senior Translation Manager for more than 10 years in guangzhou translation company:

my daily work as below:

1. As the company's highest-level translation and review expert, I am responsible for the translation and finalization of important documents, including documents like the company's chairman meeting with the Director-General of UNESCO, the President of Egypt and the Minister of Education, the President of Kenya.

2. Review and control the translation quality of translators from the United States and the United Kingdom, and ensure the accuracy of translations by translators.

3. Review and translate product website materials, IT system language pack materials, business contracts, user manuals and promotional materials.

4. Responsible for the interpretation of important technical communication meetings and product communication meetings, including technical communication meetings with Daimler and product communication meetings between the headquarters and overseas subsidiaries.

5. Responsible for the monthly training of interpretation and translation, including training on alternate interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, advanced translation and the use of translation aids.

6. As the top leader of the translation department, responsible for establishing the company's translation service process system and rules and regulations, and formulating the "English Writing Specifications",  "Certification of Translation Skills", "Interpretation and Translation" Quality Feedback Form ".

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