Julia,Chen, Interpreter in guangzhou with 7 years experience in UK

Julia,Chen, Interpreter in guangzhou with 7 years experience in UK, 28 years old

  • Guangzhou interpreter with 7 years working experience in UK

  • English chinese

  • Guangzhou

  • Daily rate:$120-150

  • 7 years

Personal description

Self evaluation

I Have more than 7 year's English translation work experience in uk, have no obstacles in oral English communication (with foreigners, good proficiency in translation), fluent English (English level 6 or above); can use English as a working Language, with excellent Chinese-English translation ability and good English communication skills, I hope to work in Guangzhou with long-term stable work as interpreter, also willing to work abroad.

working experience in guangzhou

I have worked in UK as interpreter for seven years, my experience as below:

1. Worked as  translators in uk (including English interpreters and translators) for chinese project leaders, responsible for foreign project bids, drawings, documents, contracts translation,also our project English interpretation and other business translations, company English translation  with local government departments, customs clearance, material procurement, etc.

2. Translate relevant bids documents according to customer requirements.Develop customers and maintain customers; visit customers 

3. Negotiate and communicate with customers to reach cooperation intentions and promote sales.

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