Working experience 

Oct. 2010 - Aug. 2013 

I worked in Orions Creations Inc. in Changan town.

Its a trading company.we dealt with handicrafts & giftwares. I handled the key accounts in my team, I should recommend new items to my customers, send emails to invite them to visit our showroom, take them to visit our factories in the buying seasons. My daily work was to handle the samples, order follow-up; maintain the relaionships with our customers by email, phone and fax, Esp., I needed to check the L/C to confirm everything shown in it to be quite consistent with the order stated. we also should update our factories and related persons with the latest requests from our customers so as to make the order proceeding and shipment smoothly. 

At the same time, I richened my experience and improved my ability as a saleman there, I knew the character negotiating skills. 

Also, I knew the character for each materials we ran , ceramic, polyresin and metal etc. 

Dec. 2013 -Oct. 2016  

I worked as salesman in a Japanese trading company-Beford Trading Co., Ltd, the main products we ran there were sundry goods, esp.all kind of handbags.My work was quite different from the above-mentioned two, it$s a new to me. How to do my business?I went to our own factory to do more practice and wrote down my reports to my boss, it was concerning the kinds of bags;materials used, costs for bags; proceeding of all the bags, subjects(logo) of each bag. I attended the canton fair show to develop my own customers


Solid experience in business and english 

Fanny zhao, 26 years old  Chinese interpreter in shenzhen,

Language: Chinese-English, experience: 5 years.

willing to move: Dongguan, Guangzhou, 


1.I can be your contact person and your commercial assistant if you want to find Chinese suppliers.

2. I can find factories / wholesale markets with a good price & good quality according to your needs.

3.I can offer the complete service: such as sampling, ordering, following production, checking quality, organizing shipments 

Sector: Plasitc Clothing and accessories, Cars, Bags and shoes, Electronics and components, Health and beauty, lighting, Machinery and Tools, plastics, etc.

Working experience from 2015-2019 in shenzhen Huayi Plastic co.,Ltd

I mainly follow up from development to bulk proceeding:

1) Contact with foreign customers; 

2) make cost sheet and send quotation to customers;

3) Translate English version sample order and bulk order into Chinese for next department; 

4) Follow the sample and bulk product proceed; 

5) Coordinate all the department in the factory. Ensured the quality and quantity in production; 

6) Submit the correct sample (such as: proto sample, counter sample, fitting sample, Pre-production...) to customers for their approval and then quoted consumptions to our customers reconfirmation

Cindy Luo 30 years old, Chinese interpreter in shenzhen,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 10 years.

Services: shenzhen  interpreter, purchasing agent,  tour guide

Willing to move: Only shenzhen

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories,  toys, Lights, Packaging etc

 has lived in USA since childhood, 10  years of experience in interpretation.

Self introduction

I have spent all my student life in USA, from kinder to college. For me, english can be considered as my first language aside from Chinese. During college, english speaking is a need not only between people around me but specially during class discussions, class reportings, business plan writing, other thesis in business related courses. Aside from english and mandarin, i can also speak spanish fluently. 

Worked in shenzhen trading company 

As interpreter and marketing

Dealing with the orders from foreign country. The detail procedure are (products sales promotion , quotation, check purchase order and negotiate purchase and sell order, sign the order with customer, urge production till delivery, follow payment and reaction from customer, translate the customer  file and save the documents about the order.) The main customers come from European and American countrys , the products are sold to overseas. So the routine channels of contacting customer is: Internet, Tel, Telex and all kinds of export goods exchange fair or gifts exhibition.

I am a easy-going,responsible,open-minded person.Be good at speciality, not only on written English but also spoken English and various knowledges about International Business English. since in our company  i was  the leader of our business plan as well as interpreter.

skills:Aside from the multilingual skill (chinese english oral interpretation),  business negotiations are my other skills.

Lucia zhou 35 years old, Chinese interpreter in shenzhen ,

Language, Chinese-English, spanish

Services: shenzhen interpreter,sourcing agent,commercial assistant,tour guide

Willing to move:shenzhen

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, sports, toys, Lights, Packaging etc

seniore freelance in shenzhen,my work experience as below:

1. Undertake the work of English page optimization of  Alibaba's website, and translate the content to Alibaba 's  global customers such as : United States, Europe, and other countries.

2. undertake the translation task of important documents of the Chamber of Commerce of Cordoba, Spain. The translation  between Spanish and English translation, covering the Spanish education, government, and business fields.

3. Undertake the taks of  translation of important business documents  for Eli Lilly  Co., Ltd. and provide simultaneous interpretation services to Mr. Ji Liwen, President and General Manager of Eli Lilly China.

4. translate shenzhen Airlines' documents. ranslation content including corporate culture, marketing, service promotion, tourism and other fields.

Main Achievements: Through freelance translation work in shenzhen, I have greatly expanded my  knowledge and experience, and let myself good at translation and interpretation in many professional fields.

edit date:10-feb-2020

About Me:

I graduated from Jingmen University in 2002. I went to work in GuangDong Yahsin(DongGuan) print Circuit board Co., Ltd. In 2004, I began to work in Guangzhou Amphenol Sincere Flex Circuit Co., Ltd as Sales Engineer and interpreter. and I have worked there until 2019. I work hard and I can get along well with others. I'm good at English and especially my spoken English is very good. Now I am in shenzhen,work as interpreter.

Self assessment:

1. I Have been engaged in the circuit board industry since graduation. I have extensive experience in the design and production of hard board (PCB) and flexible board (FPC) in the PCB industry.

2.Have a detailed understanding of the production process of PCB boards {such as single and double panels, multilayer boards, high precision boards (PCB), and flexible and rigid boards (FPC)}

I do careful in everything. I am honest, kind and easy to get on with.Now I want work as interpreter and Sales Engineer for PCB industry in shenzhen,, I'll work hard and try to be a good interpreter in PCB industry

Linda zhou,  26 years old, Chinese interpreter in shenzhen,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 6 years.

Services: shenzhen interpreter, purchasing agent, commercial assistant,tour guide

Willing to move: shenzhen

Main Sector: Bags & shoes and accessories, Gifts, Lights etc

Self introduction

AC industry Co Ltd 2013-2019


Major responsibility is to deal with daily affair including customers recetion and answering customer call and so on.

Meantime,there are many foreign customers coming to our company. The material they present is in English,and I translate for supervisor. And when foreign customers visit I wrok as translator . In a word, the work AC give me chance to practice English speaking and listening ability.


Speciality : 

Good at english, many years of interpretation experience, efficiently and business like deal with multifarious affairs Good communication with others and get along well with other people and willing to work for others and work with others 

About myself: English skills: good spoken and written english ability of English, good commuication with others.