Linda zhou, experienced chinese interpreter in shenzhen

Linda zhou, experienced chinese interpreter in shenzhen , 26 years old

  • Chinese interpreter in shenzhen

  • Northeast Normal University

  • English chinese

  • Shenzhen

  • $80-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

Linda zhou,  26 years old, Chinese interpreter in shenzhen,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 6 years.

Services: shenzhen interpreter, purchasing agent, commercial assistant,tour guide

Self introduction

AC industry Co Ltd 2013-2019


Major responsibility is to deal with daily affair including customers recetion and answering customer call and so on.

Meantime,there are many foreign customers coming to our company. The material they present is in English,and I translate for supervisor. And when foreign customers visit I wrok as translator . In a word, the work AC give me chance to practice English speaking and listening ability.


Speciality : 

Good at english, many years of interpretation experience, efficiently and business like deal with multifarious affairs Good communication with others and get along well with other people and willing to work for others and work with others 

About myself: English skills: good spoken and written english ability of English, good commuication with others.

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