Cindy Luo

Cindy Luo, 30 years

  • Chinese interpreter in shenzhen

  • Studied in USA from kinder to college.

  • english chinese spanish

  • Shenzhen

  • Daily rate:$100-160

  • 10 years

Personal description

Cindy Luo 30 years old, Chinese interpreter in shenzhen,

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 10 years.

Services: shenzhen  interpreter, purchasing agent,  tour guide

 has lived in USA since childhood, 10  years of experience in interpretation.

Self introduction

I have spent all my student life in USA, from kinder to college. For me, english can be considered as my first language aside from Chinese. During college, english speaking is a need not only between people around me but specially during class discussions, class reportings, business plan writing, other thesis in business related courses. Aside from english and mandarin, i can also speak spanish fluently. 

Worked in shenzhen trading company 

As interpreter and marketing

Dealing with the orders from foreign country. The detail procedure are (products sales promotion , quotation, check purchase order and negotiate purchase and sell order, sign the order with customer, urge production till delivery, follow payment and reaction from customer, translate the customer  file and save the documents about the order.) The main customers come from European and American countrys , the products are sold to overseas. So the routine channels of contacting customer is: Internet, Tel, Telex and all kinds of export goods exchange fair or gifts exhibition.

I am a easy-going,responsible,open-minded person.Be good at speciality, not only on written English but also spoken English and various knowledges about International Business English. since in our company  i was  the leader of our business plan as well as interpreter.

skills:Aside from the multilingual skill (chinese english oral interpretation),  business negotiations are my other skills.

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