Jessica zhou, experienced translator in zhongshan

Jessica zhou, experienced translator in zhongshan , 28 years old

  • Interpreter in zhongshan with many years documents translation experience

  • Guangdong university of foreign studies

  • Engish Chinese

  • Zhongshan

  • Daily Rate:$100-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

Interpreter and translator in zhongshan 

My experience as below:

(1)translation for E-mail,quality system file,mold combination plan,drawings,also mold full-size measurement report translation, mold test report translation.

(2) Translation of specifications and instruction manuals,RFQ ,work instructions,modification evaluation reports.

(3) translation of management manual,program file,mold acceptance report, invoice translation,questionnaire translation,failure mode and consequence analysis (FMEA) translation,internal audit inspection translation.

(4) translation for supplier quality manual,confidentiality agreement (NDA) translation, risk assessment report translation, and 3Q report translation.

(5) translation for recruitment information, product control plan, flowchart. also customer satisfaction survey translation, organization chart translation.

Also I have experience in translation following documents:

(1) Translation of factory brochures,DFM reports,mold quotes,translation feedback on quality problems and mails, translation of mold instruction manuals and forms.

(2) Translation of meeting records, business cards, introduction letter and invitation letters, injection mold standard translation. Translation of T1 size measurement report.

meanwhile,I can also offer oral interpretation service, if you come to zhongshan for business or technical visit, I can always be helpful.

edit date:11-feb-2020

last edited:04-Jau-2024

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