LiaoTianqing,Interpreter and translator in zhongshan

LiaoTianqing,Interpreter and translator in zhongshan, 26 years

  • Gannan Normal University

  • English chinese

  • Zhongshan

  • $ 100-120 per day

  • 4 years

Personal description

interpreter in zhongshan


Self assessment:I have grasped the principals of translation and skills of interpretation. I like one sentence very much.” Where there is a will ,where there is a way.” I always say to myself when I am in difficulty. Now I am seeking a chance as interpreter. I am a English teacher now, but I want to do something different for my dream that I want to challenge myself .


I alaways want to be a translator or do something about business.I study hard in school and I think I will try my best to work and do it well.  I would appreciate your time in reviewing my presetation and if there is any additional information you require , please contact me . I would welcome an opportunity to meet you.Thank you for your time and considerations. Sincerely yours

update by:04-Jau-2024

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