Angela shen, experienced chinese interpreter in zhongshan

Angela shen, experienced chinese interpreter in zhongshan, 29 years old

  • Chinese interpreter in zhongshan

  • English chinese

  • Zhongshan

  • Daily rate:$100-120

  • 9 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter in zhongshan ,

Angela shen  29  years old, 

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 9 years.

Services: zhongshan interpreter, purchasing agent,  tour guide

Willing to move: zhongshan

Main Sector: Clothing and accessories, Lights, etc

native of zhongshan, has lived in zhongshan since childhood, 9   years of experience in interpretation.

My major is english education.I have passed CET4 and CECT1.I can commuciate with others freely in English.I have acquired interpretation skills.My ability to write and speak English is out of question.I can worked as chinese interpreter very well.  

I am open-mind ,brave and optimistic.I have been a interpreter in zhongshan for two years.I have leart so many things that I cann't learn from the book .I am happy to give survice to others .

My life belief is to be responsible and loyal to my profession as interpreter, my friendsand my leader as well.

I am full enthusiasm for interpreter work.I sure I will be a  successful interpreter in zhongshan.

Last edited:04-Jau-2024

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