Su Jing, zhongshan local interpreter with 10 years translation experience

Su Jing, zhongshan local interpreter with 10 years translation experience, 32 years old

  • Interpreter & translator in zhongshan,china.

  • Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Language College

  • English chinese

  • Zhongshan

  • $100-150/day

  • 10 years

Personal description

Chinese English interpreter in Zhongshan

I live in Zhongshan for many years, and proficient in oral English.with 10 years of experience,when you come to Zhongshan, please contact me

My working experience

I  have worked in zhongshan Translation Company 2007-01 ~ 2018-03 for more than ten years

I am responsible for the company's daily interpretation (mainly business negotiations) and translation (including legal documents, product manuals, software translation)I am also responsible for translation and proofreading of various documents of  the company. including: contract, engineering design instructions, etc., also literary translation.Currently I am in zhongshan,so if you come to zhongshan, I  can offer local interpretation service for you. 

Welcome to zhongshan. 

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last update:04-Jau-2024

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