How to enjoy the night of shanghai  -  10 Jau 2020
  • 04-Jan-2020


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How to enjoy the night of shanghai - 10 Jau 2020

Shanghai nightlife guide

First, the Bund is going to be less tiring on a cruise ship. There are too many people on the shore. For more than half an hour, you can drift around the river and the fare is about 80-100 yuan. .

2. Nanjing Road, anytime it crowded

3. Huaihai Road, here is also similar to Nanjing Road. In Shanghai, Huaihai Road is a commercial street with the same name as Nanjing Road. If you say, Nanjing Road is a symbol of Shanghai commerce. Well, Huaihai Road is more about a taste, a style, a fashion.

4, there is the City God Temple, go to eat snacks, but there are still too many people, there are also many

5. Xujiahui, People's Square, Oriental Pearl Tower, Zhabei Night City, Yuyuan Garden These places are quite good to go at night.


The price of the same piece of clothing in different shopping malls can vary widely, so be sure to "shop around." Generally speaking, the shops on North Sichuan Road have lower prices, the shops on Nanjing Road are large, the brands are old, and the consumption level is moderate. The consumers on Huaihai Road are mainly white-collar workers and fashionable men and women.

Shanghai nightlife guide

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