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Huizhou Interpreter Introduction

Business interpreting
We have a group of experienced interpreters in huizhou who can provide interpretation services: business interpretattion,technical interpretattion,interpreters for conference and negotiation, and local translators for fair. if you need huizhou local interpreters, please make an appointment two days in advance.

Professional documents  translation
Mainly provide the following translation service in huizhou :contract and agreement  translation; Huizhou's company information translation; certificate  translation; machinery, technology, engineering manual,  translation.Translation languages include: English to chinese, chinese to english translation, and other lagguage translation services.

Localization means huizhou local people more convenient and effective communication with customers in different countries. Our localization team,Not only have website translation skills, but also proficient in HTML

Huizhou interpreters

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Huizhou translation case

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Huizhou-the fifth city in Guangdong

Huizhou City located in south-central of Guangdong Province, west of Dongguan and Guangzhou, is one of the central cities of the Pearl River Delta. At the end of 2018, the city's  population was 4.830 million

Huizhou  a national historical and cultural city.also a beautiful city, know as: half city of mountains half the city lake, Huizhou is one of the major settlements and the distribution center to the Hakka,

the  two most importane industris of Huizhou  are electronics and petrochemicals. As of 2018, Huizhou's GDP was 410.305 billion yuan , the fifth  city in Guangdong Province. 



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