Guangzhou history  Classic one Day Tour  -  10 Jau 2020
  • 10-Jan-2020


  • Guangzhou

Guangzhou history Classic one Day Tour - 10 Jau 2020

Guangzhou history  Classic one Day Tour

Day one:

 Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral (1 hour) → Shamian Island (3 hours) → Chen Family Temple (1 hour) → Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (3 hours)

Autumn and early winter are the best places to visit Guangzhou. For the rainy weather in Guangzhou, these months can be described as clear skies, which is very suitable for outdoor trips. The temperature is maintained at about 24 degrees, and the body feels comfortable.

After breakfast in the morning, we will start to visit the most magnificent, Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral in the Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou. Then go to the rich and exotic Shamian. In the afternoon, enjoy the architecture of Old Guangzhou at the Chen Family Ancestral Hall, where you can better understand the history. In the evening, go to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street while shopping while eating.

Traffic strategy

Guangzhou has opened 7 metro lines in the city, one APM line in the Pearl River New Town business district, and Guangzhou and Foshan intercity lines. It is recommended to travel by subway or bus in the city, which is convenient and relatively cheap.

Food  Strategy

Guangzhou specialties: Braised Pigeon Pigeon, Intestine Noodles, etc. At noon, you can eat the signature special dish Braised Suckling Pigeon at Lan Kwai Fong in Shamian. In the evening, go to the famous commercial pedestrian street for shopping and eating.

hotels guide

It is recommended to stay near the train station, there are many hotels to choose from, and the bus terminal is also located here, and the transportation is very convenient.

Guangzhou history Classic one Day Tour

By : Chinese interpreters