Shenzhen City one Day Tour  -  10 Jau 2020
  • 10-Jan-2020


  • Shenzhen

Shenzhen City one Day Tour - 10 Jau 2020

Shenzhen City one Day Tour 

Highlight: City Landmark + Dongmen Old Street Food 

OCT East (2 hours) → OCT East Interlaken Chaxi Valley (2 hours) → Dongmen Pedestrian Street (2 hours) → Diwang Building (2 hours)  

schedule in detail

In the morning, I will go to OCT East of Yantian to visit the Grand Canyon and Chaxi Valley in European style. Among them, the Chaeng Ancient Town and the Interlaken train in Chaxi Valley must be tried. From the Grand Canyon, you can take the Yunhai ropeway to Chaxi Valley. 

In the evening, return to the downtown area to visit Dongmen Old Street, the favorite food street of Shenzhen Student Party and small white-collar workers. At the east gate, you can see 2 landmarks of Shenzhen, Jingji 100 and Diwang Building. If you want to see the whole night view of Shenzhen, you can go to the top of Diwang Building. 

hotels guide 

OCT is located to the west of the Central Business District, on the extension of Shennan Avenue. Here are large theme parks such as Happy Valley, Splendid China, and Window of the World. There are many high-end resort and business hotels here, and the subway Luobao Line runs through this area, making travel very convenient.

Shenzhen City one Day Tour Landmark + Dongmen Old Street Food

By : Chinese interpreters