• 10-Jan-2020


  • Guangzhou

wholesale market in Guangzhou - 10 Jau 2020

wholesale market in Guangzhou  

If you think about some fashionable women's clothing, the quality is medium, the following is my opinion,    

There are many wholesale markets in Guangzhou. If you locate women's clothing in low-end to Shahe, mid-to-high-end to Shahexi, cowboys to Shahe, foreign trade clothing to the west, branded goods to Baima, especially the Korean version on the first floor of Baima is good Yes, but the price is a bit more expensive ...    

First stop Guangdong's second largest clothing tailings market   

The second stop: the essence of the thirteen rows and even the essence of Chinese clothing. If it ’s mid-to-high-end positioning, you must go to the 13th floor and above the 3rd floor, don't go to the 1st and 3rd floors, and don't go to Shahe, this is it.  

Third stop: Shahe It is the largest cowboy city in China, Guangzhou's largest and even China's largest clothing wholesale distribution center. The best place to pick up low-end clothing must be seen.  

Fourth stop: Railway station and surrounding clothing city   Hakuba: The most high-end clothing city. The Korean women's clothing on the first floor is very beautiful and expensive.   

The fifth stop is South China ’s largest clothing tailings wholesale market. The vast majority of people who make clothing with Jindong must know that although they are tailings, some of them are really inexpensive   

Hope it helps you! !!

wholesale market in Guangzhou

By : Chinese interpreters