How to accurately classification of interpretation
  • 10-Jan-2020


  • Dongguan

How to accurately classification of interpretation

How to accurately classification of interpretation And find a suitable interpreter

First, let's briefly introduce the classification of interpretation. According to the difficulty, we can roughly divide it into three categories-accompanying interpretation, technical translation, and simultaneous interpretation.

Accompanying interpreting is usually not very professional, and there are not many professional vocabularies involved. The common ones are: travel escorts, factory visits, exhibition accompany, simple business talks,and many more   


Below we shows a few examples


Client: We are talking about cooperation with a foreign company. We have to discuss the details with the representative sent by the other party. Our purpose is to talk about cooperation. Therefore, the requirement for translation is accurate translation. Fluency in spoken language does not require professional terms

Belongs to: Escort interpretation


 Client: We have a foreign technical expert come here to exchange technology with us and solve our technical problems. The industry field of cooperation is engineering technology and there are a lot of professional terms.


Project analysis: Medium difficulty, technical background is required, and it belongs to technical translation.


 Board meetings, technical exchange meetings, opening ceremonies, etc., require simultaneous interpretation.

The above cases are real cases encountered when providing interpretation services to customers. It is not difficult to see that there are relatively many applicable occasions for accompanying interpreters. 

How to determine the interpretation form you need, accompanying interpretation, technical  interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, etc

Depends the situation to make a right judgment.

How to accurately classification of interpretation and find a suitable interpreter

By : Chinese interpreters