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  • 16-Jan-2020


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Interpreter quotation questions

Interpreter quotation questions:

1. The prices usually are all for reference. all depends on specific requirements, we will adjust the prices  according to your requirements (such as specialty,english  level, duration, etc.).

2. Interpreting 's price is for  8 hours per day, starting from half a day, overtime must be paid  accordingly.

3.For local interpreters, customers provide lunch, and transportation costs( we will make aggrements in advance);


4.For  interpreters from other cities such as guangzhou and shenzhen, the client will provide hotel and travel expenses, and buy  personal  insurance for our  translators;

5. if you need  Interpreter service, please make an appointment 24 hours in advance. if you need Simultaneous interpretation, please make an appointment one week in advance.

5 ​Interpreter quotation questions

By : Chinese interpreters