How to find the right interpreter in foshan
  • 18-Jan-2020


  • Foshan

How to find the right interpreter in foshan

Foshan's main industry including the following 

Famous stainless steel town: Lanshi (Chancheng District);

Famous ceramic towns: Shiwan, Nanzhuang (Chancheng District);

Famous furniture town: Lecong (Zhancheng District);

Home appliance industry: Beibei, Ronggui (Shunde District)

Famous Town of Woodworking Machinery: Lunjiao (Shunde District)

Plastic market: Lecong (Shunde District)

Famous furniture towns: Longjiang, Lecong (Shunde District)

Steel Market: Lecong (Shunde District)

Cowboy industry: Junan (Shunde District)

Coating industry: Ronggui, Xingtan (Shunde District)

Aluminum industry: Dali (Nanhai District)

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Foshan is a industry city ,located west of guangzhou

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