Belly Nan G6

Belly Nan G6, 30

  • 10 years experience of international business.

  • Chinese-English

  • Guangzhou

  • Daily Rate $120-150

  • 10 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter in Guangzhou 

My working experience

 2015-2019 Etalent Plastic & Metal General Products Co., Ltd. Sales Department, SALES 

A. Collect the marketing data, analyze product marketing trends, organize sales plans.

B. Product quotation analysis, and evaluation, Maintain and uphold excellent customer service image, provide to the customers clear and accurate, timely technical support. 

C. Solve After-sales problems, such as performance testing, malfunction, reworked items, problem analysis doc drafting. Join new product Research and Development.

D. Follow on Global Source & Alibaba platform operation, and manage product data on platform.

E. Independently participate in Exhibition, Canton Fair and Hong Kong exhibition.

F. Develop market, enlarge and consolidate customer base.

201-2015 Worked in Guangzhou Aisia Pacifico  trading company 

1,Liaison between China’s suppliers and the American Manager.

2,Handling and translating all the manager’s email, like quotations from China’s suppliers, inquires of the products, invoice and expense details of the sell department.

3,Arranging the manager’s schedule, booking flights and hotel for him;interpreting between the quality department, the produce department, and anyone in the company needs to discuss matters with the American manager.

Self -evaluation:

10  years experience of sales in trading company. Good at english and chinese, Rich translation experience.

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