Lily Wang,Chinese interpreter in Guangzhou with 9 years experience

Lily Wang,Chinese interpreter in Guangzhou with 9 years experience, 29 years

  • Guangzhou local interpreter with 9 years experience

  • English chinese

  • Guangzhou

  • Daily rate:$80-120

  • 9 years

Personal description

If I have the honor to work with you as Guangzhou local interpreter, I hope that we can progress  together our work in Guangzhou.

Objective: I will have the opportunity to work as interpreter for you , and make contributions to your business in china.

About me: 

Work &Experience2013/11- - 2019/04 I take the office of in Guangzhou Noah Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.. Work early, as the chinese interpreter, responsible for handling day-to-day documents of companies, organization and planning the company group activities. My abilities have been improved and affirmed. Subsequently, I was transferred to the sales department.

2011/11- - 20013/11 I hold a post in Clifford Group Guangzhou. The duty is a interpreter and project assistant .Mainly responsible for translate documents, send and receive the classified documents and drawings archives of the group. 

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