Dora, Chen,Shenzhen interpreter with worked in USA company backgroud, TEM8

Dora, Chen,Shenzhen interpreter with worked in USA company backgroud, TEM8, 28 Years old

  • Interpreter in shenzhen with experience of work in USA company

  • English chinese

  • Shenzhen

  • Daily Rate:#150-250

  • 6 Years

Personal description

About me 

Sales experience 

My mainly job is contact with our company's colleague  in USA in english , and get customer requirement for prodcution and shipment,and then manage and plan to produce according to customer's request, it is the language bridge produced between customer and company, I can always try my best to meet customer's demand during the tenure of office, I always arrange the production according to customer's request reasonablely , well acknowledged by customer and leader on the senior level.During my working in this company, I have to acted as interprete and  communicate with our CS dept. in USA everyday ,so now my English is very fluent and it is no problem to communicate with foreigners.


Interpretation experience

During my school time my major is foreign trade English, TEM8, I can communicate with customer with business letter and Oral English fluently, mastering all kinds of trade terms,and various kinds of trade ways, Now I am very fimilar with the whole process from receive the order to ship out the goods,

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